Academic researchers looking for IoT developers to participate in a survey

Hello, Developers of SmartThings community!

We are researchers from William & Mary, a university in the USA. We are inviting you to an academic research survey that will help us understand your perspective on security compliance regulations and product certification specifically related to IoT.

To compensate for your time, we are offering $50 Amazon gift card for one randomly chosen participant out of every 20 complete, valid responses.

While you can participate in the survey completely anonymously, please note that we can only send the Amazon gift card if you provide an email address with your response.

If you want to, you can also provide an email address where we may contact you for a follow-up interview. We will compensate every interviewee.

Survey Link:

If this message does not belong in this specific forum or needs to comply with additional regulations of this community, please let us know, and we will happily address it.

Additionally, this survey is part of academic research that has been reviewed and approved by the Institutional Review Board for ethical issues, and we will use information collected through the survey for research purposes only.