Independent SmartThings Community Developers Survey

Independent SmartThings Community Developers Survey

I have put together this independent and unofficial assessment of SmartThings Community Developers and your feelings towards specifics relating to the Platform, Mobile App, Tools, Advocacy, events and more. All individual responses will be kept private and only aggregate data will be published.

If you are or even want to be a SmartThings Community Developer, please fill out the survey.

I will leave this survey open for the next few days and publish the results in this thread.

If there is anything you think is missing, not needed, etc. let me know.

This is in no way endorsed, or sponsored by SmartThings or its employees, my goal is to provide an independent assessment.

This survey will be repeated over time, so we can track any changes or other questions over time.

Thanks for your participation and feedback!


We have had over 33 responses so far. Based on the published developer count of 30k this is more than enough to be statistically valid. (take that count as you will).

I am going to be closing this survey by the end of the weekend. Please, if you haven’t provided your responses, do so before the window closes.

Based on the initial feedback, I plan on doing this survey monthly, the week before the 2nd monthly dev call. There will be different questions each month and some same ones to track progress.

If there are any questions you think should be asked of the Developer Community, please let me know.

The results of this survey will be published here in this thread.

Again, thank you to all those that have submitted their answers, and for those that haven’t please take the time (it only takes a few hours) to answer the questions.

And let me reiterate, this is not sponsored, endorsed or encouraged by SmartThings, and is being done as a completely independent, external survey of the community of developers and is open to anyone who is or wants to develop on the SmartThings platform. All individual responses will be kept private and only aggregate data will be shared.

I feel it is important to have an objective view of the community developers as a whole, to help the developer advocacy team understand the sentiments and desires as a whole, rather than try to glean it from a few vocal developers (myself included). I will use this data to make sure I am raising the concerns and issues when and where I can. However, if you disagree with the majority, please, speak up and let your voice be heard.


The survey will be closing in about 24 hours, so if you haven’t already filled it out, please do so.

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Thanks to the 41 people that submitted responses to this survey!

I have uploaded the images of the data the google forms puts into its report, this was the best presentation form I could come up with without recreating everything.

If anyone would like to see the raw numbers, feel free to pm me for the details.

The next survey will be in a month or so.