Your Dashboard Ideas are Needed!

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Looking forward to SmartThings’s mobile App’s front-page (“Dashboard”) comments and improvements. Some features really can’t live anywhere but in the official native mobile App, and the “Dashboard” tab deserves to be populated with really useful stuff. I actually still have the original “Lights & Switches” (etc.) Solution Modules on my in-App “Dashboard” and, like many others, am waiting for the more wonderful replacements we were promised…

Love this layout. +1000000 for something like this on ST

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How about from any device page, if you long press a tile element, you can choose to “pin” it to the Dashboard. It will appear on the Dash. and you can view/control it.

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I made a couple of mockups. These are in NO WAY perfect or even close. Created in MS Paint… running on a VM.

Essentially, when you long press a tile in a device detail view, you get the option to “Pin to dashboard”. Almost any tile can be pinned. In the Example, I’m using the green Garage Door switch. The dashboard can be customized with an option in the cog menu, or the long press gesture. This is similar to the Start Screen in Windows 8+, but all with ST Tiles.

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Maybe this already exists, but I would love to see something get created.

You can buy cheap 10 inch Android tablets for around $100, or better for you folks repurpose an old Galaxy tab for free. What would be great is if you folks created a tablet app that would allow a tablet to be sort of a kiosk/control center, complete with alarm keypad.

I’d love to mount a tablet by the front door that has a control panel, and a user customizable dashboard.

Envision this. A tablet by the door that has your temps, local weather, traffic alerts for your programmed daily routes, grocery list with alert that says “you’re out of X items”, a timer that says “the kids will be home in X hours and X minutes”, and depending on how broad the app is to be, alerts for tracking numbers you put in that says “a package is arriving today via (UPS, Fedex, USPS, etc). Maybe even an alert for those with a mailbox sensor to say if new mail has arrived, or even an alert that says “your doorbell was activate, but not answered” through tracking the door sensor and doorbell sensor. The alerts could be in a list, with an obvious"dismiss” button on each alert.

A dashboard for devices is cute, but a dashboard for the HOME is more useful.


Sorry but the dashboard takes too much time to do whatever I want to do quickly… The whole idea of a dashboard is quick and easy access to everything the specific user needs!

  • To load quickly and not to frequently take 2 attempts to login due to an inexplicable error on the first attempt or just entirely lose my password?!
  • To actually provide us a customisable dashboard and default to that screen, “Rooms” should be replaces with dashes and a device can exist in multiple dashes.
  • To provide landscape and tablet support, using it on a tablet at the moment is just a terrible experience.

SmartTiles already achieves the above, if this could be native then all the better!

Also user restrictions would be useful, i.e. how Plex works, I login to my app this gives me full access, additional users only get access granted via PIN and they can only do the specified things, this would also be useful for wall mounted tablets etc, and would mean you could presence sense without giving a user access to delete or play with your stuff!

Additionally this is UI related, but not dash, but I would like to be able to add more than just routines to my quick access menu in my phones notification area, creating a Routine just to trigger a switch is a little tiresome, especially as the ST app likes to frequently forget the routines that should be present in the notification area?!

Make it quick, reliable and make it customisable they are my 3 key asks for this… I would suggest separate the Dash app from the rest of the functionality just to keep it lean.

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Just a thought, if you want to re-design the dashboard, don’t think of this as an APP, think of this as a remote control… I don’t want rows of items in the app (useful for configuration maybe, but not for use) and I think the app needs to be distinct between both, not try to achieve everything in the same screen. I want to be immersed in my home control, with an option to go out to do setup and tweaking, but don’t want to see that side of it every day, this should be behind the scenes.

Currently I click on “My Home” at the bottom and that button highlights, to why do I have 1/3 inch of screen being wasted at the top saying “My Home” which is redundant, I know this later then says the room name, but then make this more discrete.

Then below that you have another 1/3 inch lost to “Recent activity”, It’s not important to me 99% of the time, in fact only if something isn’t working!, make it a discrete option, like setup and customisation, this is essentially logging, which I don’t want in my remote?

I tried to have a quick look for a screen shot of something that feels professional, the key is to keep it simple and sleek, you need to consider that a big chunk for people on this forum need to deal with “the wife/husband acceptance factor”. I couldn’t let my OH near the app at the moment, she would accidentally press a button and end up on some random screen.

Pressing the actual dashboard button now by the way instructs me to setup SHM - I don’t want to, I don’t have any interest in using SHM, give me this space to do something useful, because dashboards are not about security for me, I don’t want to check a dashboard to know if my house is secure, I expect ST to tell me when it’s not! And then go in to the dashboard to view my camera or turn off the alarm or turn on some lights…

I just found, the below screen shot, that looks good although perhaps too much noise, but appears in their current app this is much simpler (second screenshot):


What was wrong with the old tiled things page? It was customizeable and it worked. ST seems to be obsessed with making the app look like walt disney and steve jobs collaborated to throw up on it. I think most people just want something that works reliably and doesn’t break every time we turn around.



Look at how often apps in general are “improved.” To me, it often looks like change for the sake of change. (A good example is the Fitbit iOS app. It was perfectly fine & usable before.)

Thing labels were not visible except using the shake gesture. We were hoping for a simple toggle switch, but SmartThings v2 changed to List Views instead of tiles…

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I think they found a 101st bad way to solve the issue. They decided to amputate the leg because of a sore toe.


I like the mention of pinning to dashboard.

That’s how other solutions I’ve tried handled things.

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So, should we expect anything from this?

Unsurprisingly there has been no movement on this. No re-implementation of the original dashboard, no movement based on any of our feedback, and no release of the HTML API for SmartApps.

Perhaps the platform should be renamed StaleThings instead. StaleThings®, Vaporware Reinvented

How about this? BRING BACK THE $&;?!@! Tiled things page!!!

We’ve only been asking for that since you released the steaming pile version of the app for V2. Posts like this are all theater. If you’re going to ignore us why bother with useless threads like this?

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When do you think you have a DASHBOARD ready for us???

And for suggestions, I’m need administrator mode and user mode. Because if the panel is installed on the wall anyone could change the settings. . And look very good and easy.


ActionTiles has been released now and is getting a good reception. It lets you share distinct “limited access” dashboard control Panels to specific logins. Take a look and sign-up to try.

Beyond shameless…


Shrug. ST took away the built-in dashboard like a year and a half ago now, and there’s still no replacement. Even the existence of this thread reveals that a year after they took it away, they hadn’t made any meaningful progress because they were obviously still at the beginning of the planning stage for the new dashboard. ST has completely dropped the ball, and personally I’m looking forward to giving actiontiles a try (I’ve never used smarttiles in the past).


Believe it or not, I still have the old “Dashboard Solution SmartApps” running … because I never migrated my Location to a new Hub! They haven’t been particularly accurate these days, but I can’t bring myself to press the “Remove” key.

(One of the reasons ActionTiles renamed our “dashboards” to “Panels” is to avoid confusion with the SmartTiles App home page called “Dashboard”.)

I am optimistic that SmartThings will be filling this with useful impressive “Dashboard Solution SmartApps” over time.