You blew it again with whatever you are doing

Been reading now for a week of the pending change to V3. Read about firmware update starting the 25th. Coincidentally, I have been down on V2/Old App since 10 pm ET last night. Not sure if related.

I installed the new app that I assume you will force on me… It seems to be working. However, IT IS STILL GARBAGE! Why are the icons so big? Have you thought of a 4000 sq ft house with 30+ lights alone before getting into sensors, locks, water sensors, motion etc? Do I really need to scroll 12 pages? I can’t even find where my arm/disarm is. Are you intentionally trying to be difficult?

I really don’t have the patience for this anymore. I didn’t sign up to watch 18 videos and try to understand your new UI. (btw fire your UI designer) I am just about done with the piecemeal communications and problems the past month plus. (losing Cree connected bulbs for zero reason…latency on activation…)

Get your communications together and provide a single sound update on what is going on. (VIA EMAIL TO ALL USERS)

Sounds like you haven’t favorited your devices so only the important ones show on the dashboard.

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Whatever the default is …is what it is… The icons are still way too massive/ridiculous for each device. I still want to know why the old app is not working…

Can you provide more details… any errors, or what exactly is not working? Perhaps someone on the forum might be able to help. Have you tried signing out and signing back in and using New to SmartThings when you do and use your Samsung account?

The old app stopped working on Android as of 10 pm ET last night. I checked and determined my unit is currently operational. Downloaded new (lousy) app and it seems to work. So, something is broken (with the old app)

What does that mean… the old app stopped working. you can’t login? you get error messages? No devices show? Or something else? If you provide more details, we might be able to help.

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“you appear to be having issues with your network. Please check your network connection and try again”…
Something wrong !..

which is false given a) graph.api shows up b) the new app works.

Try signing out of the app and sign back in. See if that resolves the issue :slight_smile:

Choose New to SmartThings when signing back in


You rock. Thanks!

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