You are not authorized error

I can’t seem to navigate anywhere in the mobile app without this error popping up: “You are not authorized to perform the requested operation.” I can’t add any devices or use any list in a smart app that references modes. In the IDE, I can’t access my hubs, or edit any device type.

I have sent two emails in the last week to support with no human response. I have only received the “ticket created” email.

If anyone knows how to fix this, I would appreciate the support.

This is a known error. There are many mentions of this throughout the forum. There is currently no known fix that I am aware of.

I was having the same problem and somehow it fixed itself yesterday. I wish I could tell you how it happened, and if I did something that fixed it, but I have no idea.

I have read the other posts, and it seems that contacting support is the only answer. Since there is a lack of response from them, I am hoping that someone has suggestions.

I started by uninstalling all smart apps and custom devices, then reinstalling them. This made my problem worse, and means I have lost functionality because I can’t install/configure everything back to the way it was.

I then uninstalled the app, and reinstalled it. This made no difference with this error, but it did stop my phone from locking up for several seconds each time I unlocked the screen.

Any further assistance is welcome. Maybe support will find the time to respond soon. Thanks!

Support had to do the work to fix this, but everything is working much better. I just had to wait 10 days to get it squared away.