Yoolax Blinds

So I am interested in purchasing some Yoolax blinds for inside mount (due to their low profile and small light gaps compared to Fyrtur and others). In addition to my smartthings hub, I own a 1st generation Bond Home Hub. It seems like they sell two different kinds of motors: RF which would operate through my Bond (and then to smartthings) and a zigbee which I think works with Smartthings directly. I am not finding a ton of information about the smartthings integration and am wondering if I would be better off just buying the rf motor and using bond as a middle man. Would love to hear real world experience from anyone who uses. Thanks in advance

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So does the lack of response indicate that there is limited experience with Yoolax?
If so, I guess I will avoid and move on to something else. Open to recent experiences since there seem to be new players involved along with RF hubs that can act as middle man. Thanks again

The smart motor does pair directly with smartthings via zigbee.