Skylight shade integration?

Hey guys looking for help to integrate my skylight shades into Smartthings. This is as far as I’ve gotten, got the shades installed and motorized. It came with an rf remote. I was able to hook up a hub it came with an rf extender plugged into a wall and the hub directly connects to the modem. Now I’m able to control them with an app called momenta but it has to be connected to the home wifi to work can’t be outside. Contacted the hub company and they say maybe 2017 but I can’t wait! I asked for there api. What else do I need to do to get an integration.

Which company are the shades from? If it’s using somfy motors and the specific motor is compatible with the ZRTSI II z-wave to RTS bridge integration would be fairly easy.

There’s no name on the bridge but the blinds are from Lafayette formerly hunter Douglas, i did an FCc check and the hub is registered to hunter Douglas.

First call Lafayette and check if thery are using Somfy’s motors. If they are check with somfy which model it is and if it is compatible with the z-wave bridge. If it is that would be the easiest way to connect to smartthings.