Yi Home camera integration?


Is there a new update to integrate Yi Home cameras to work with Smartthings? If so, can you please provide details on how it is done?


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Working beta at the moment for quite a few different models. I definitely wouldn’t call it a finished project at the moment but it does function. Also, currently, the rtsp is on a “donation” basis- it will eventually be released on GitHub and free to all as to my understanding at least.

This portion will get your cameras to where they can be used with smartthings. The next portion is to use a custom smartapp/ device handler to actually make your yi’s talk through smartthings. Someone else will have to comment on that as I haven’t worked through it just yet (but plan to within the next few weeks)

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That’s great news! Thank u for providing the additional information! I look forward to getting them up in running with Smartthings!

Where can I get a hold of this Beta handler?

is there any update to the Yi Home camera integration?

Any news about the DH. Looks like the thread dried out :frowning: