Yet another Scheduler bug?

So, I was going through my dozen or so scheduled events that stopped working yet again and had to change the start as well as stop times by a minute to make the stuck stale scheduled entries go away (simply re-saving without making any changes did not remove the stale entries as reported by the scheduled events status page on the IDE). Anyway, this is a known bug that’s been lingering for quite some time and has been discussed to death.
The new issue I noticed is that I had one of my events firing on specific days (Saturday and Sunday) but no matter how many times I edited some field and saved, the event always gets scheduled to fire the very next day. I just could not get it to schedule to fire on specific days. Anyone know of any work around for this issue?

I had this same issue - the way I got round it was to use my motion sensors (and movement) between set hours to change modes. I found this way to be better because it was more flexible depending on my movements plus it has never failed once to change modes so far…

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Not sure I understand the workaround. I need to turn a light on at 10pm and off at 11pm on Saturdays and Sundays. There’s no relation to any movement in the vicinity.

Oh I see, so its basically the reliability of the light not coming on or off which is the problem. This is becoming a common issue at the moment with backend server reliability issues. What lights are you using? Are you lights connected via a ST outlet or are they HUE bulbs etc?


I have the same problem, My hue light won’t trigger on. Its so got dame irritating. So I have moved some light from hub to IFTT.

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