Yesterday Alexa found 31 devices, today only 6, but I didn't change anything!

(Ron Budworth) #1

Devices known to SmartThings that worked OK with Roomie yesterday now report either 'Device didn’t respond" or ‘That device doesn’t accept that command’. Similar problems with Roomie devices.

(Ben W) #2

Should double check that the the Echo has access to the devices.

(Larry Mc Farlin) #3

Had weird problems with mine that started about the same time.

My Asleep/Awake modes use the Echo through the ST integration app, Alexa Helper, Rule Machine, and Send events to Eventghost. When I told Alexa to “Turn on ___ Mode” it would say “I don’t understand” or “I can’t find the answer to your question”. If I just said turn on mode, it would then say “I found several devices…” and would work properly once I re-stated the correct mode. Modes worked fine via SmartTiles.

Finally got it fixed today by updating all of the associated smartapps, republishing them, and re-scanning for devices on the Echo (not sure which step actually fixed it).

Not sure if that helps…