Yes another Sonoff issue

So I had sonoff basics running tasmota working well with my ST hub for a while now 1 1/2yr+. Noticed a few weeks back Smart speakers couldnt find them on occassion. Needless to say everything worked so well never noticed my ST classic app was updated to the new one. Anywho figured I was due for a firmware update. And hopedully this was the cause for the occasional drop outs. Per google/youtube search, flashed ino.generic, did the device handler and IDE setup. Flashing went smooth, network setup flawless. Buuuttt, ST detecting devices, not so much. The step of adding the Sonoff app is nowhere to be found in the new ST app, and ofcourse I cant diacover them Im assuming as they are not Zwave devices. Suggestions, ideas and solutions are welcomed.

If you are using the official Tasmota firmware, you may want to try this.


  • Support for SmartThings (new) App
  • Real-time device status
  • Pure Tasmota & SmartThings integration (No need for additional MQTT bridge)
  • Virtual Device (for RF / IR devices that can be controlled by a RF / IR bridge)


  • Samsung SmartThings Hub v2 or v3
  • Official Tasmota Firmware >=8.10

Ok thanx, Ill have to do some reading as I noticed the firmware has an update out, 9.xx