Sonoff S20, Tasmota 6.1.1, St Classic, can't add it into devices


Have 6 sonoffs, 5 on fw tasmota 5.12.0, one on fw 6.1.1. They are all found in Samsungs Smartthings IDE, but I can’t add the 6.1.1 sonoff to the app. It’s not found. Not in the classsic app, not in the new app.
They can be found and switched though the webinterface if I go to the IP directly.


edit ; I deleted a 5.14 device and it is found again by ST. So, do ou think I have to flash te 6.1.1 back to 5.14? Don’t like that.

edit 2 ; oke, went back to 5.14 and the device was found by ST

That would be an issue to post on the Tasmota github page.