Yale z-wave plus network module AYR202-ZWV-USA

While poking around Yale’s site, I came across what looks like a z-wave plus module for the Yale Real Living Locks at https://www.yale2you.com/Products/Accessories/YRMZW2-PLUS-USA.aspx.

Looks like it should also be compatible with the older locks (I hope since I just ordered one) to test with my YRD240 lock.

Googling it yields almost no info so far except Yale’s own site. If anyone know any additional info and would like to share, it would be great.


Pretty sure that one is not backwards compatible. It’s intended for their brand-new line of Assure locks. ( if you check the product specifications on the page that you linked too, it says it’s for the assure line.)

Only compatible with Yale Assure Lock

Yale just got Zwave plus certifications for the new Assure locks in September.


So there are Z wave plus models now available from Yale, and they are using that module, but I don’t think you’ll be able to use that module in an older lock. Let us know either way if it works.

Just installed YRV740 (Assure lock) + Zwave module (AYR202).
Works w/ smartthings!
The Yale apps needs some work though.


Let me know what you find, the dimensions and connectors look identical

Reporting back. @JDRoberts, you were right that it didn’t work. Physical dimensions are identical and it fits. The lock (YRD240) actually recognizes that it’s a z-wave module because it offers the z-wave menu item (option 7) when it’s plugged in and doesn’t when it’s not. However, the inclusion and exclusion process just errors out and plays the error tone. Shame.

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Thanks for letting us know. Sorry it didn’t work.

very sad this didn’t work, i had ordered one of these modules but never got it…I’m very curious as to how everything seemed to work, but you got the error tone…

Were you able to return the module? If not, send it my way, I’d like to mess around with it