Yale YRD226 Z-Wave Lock - Need Edge Driver

Hello everyone!
Been looking for a custom edge driver for my Yale Assure YRD-226-ZW2 that would enable additional features with the lock. The lock works with my hub, it auto linked using the stock driver but with limited functionalities to lock/unlock and battery life.

Now despite my efforts, I was unable to find a channel invite to custom drivers for this specific model. Can someone kindly direct the link for invitation channel ?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Please login to either the ST Advanced Web App or the community developed API Browser+ to find the fingerprints (Mfg Code and Model) for your device and post them here. There is a community developed driver that supports the Yale YRL226 and yours could be the same device that was branded for a specific distribution channel.

The driver from @RBoy supports the YRD-226:

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But requires paying a license fee.

I use this and it’s awesome!:sunglasses:

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8 bucks a year, and if you’re satisfied with it after the first year you don’t have to renew, you’ll have a perpetual license for the last version you had.


Hi all!
After a bit of trial and error, I managed to get my Yale lock to work using the native Smart Lock Guest Access app found under the Life Tab in the app. The lock was recognized, I can Lock/unlock in ST (or Alexa as integration) and manage the access code via the app.
No need for anything additional at this point. Posting this update in case this can help others looking for native integration with basic functions. Works like a charm for me :slight_smile:

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