Yale YRD220 Zigbee touch screen lock

I am new to the home automation arena. I have just purchased a home with the Yale YRD220 zigbee flavored device. If I were to purchase the smart things hub would it work with this device. It’s not on the list of compatible devices, but I would like to know if it would even be recognized for locking and unlocking. I don’t care at the moment for changing codes and lockout times. I’m having real difficulty finding any home automation hub that will work with this lock. The only thing I found so far is a control4 device. Of course, this is out of my budget for the current time.

Any suggestions from the community is welcome. Thanks advance for your kind responses.

I am not sure, I know that if it was a Z-Wave device it should work as it would follow a standard Z-Wave lock device. With Zigbee I am not sure that any of the standard Lock types would work with and recognize this device.

I am sure if someone in the community knows though that they will speak up, if not you can always send a request to support@smartthings.com to see if they know if this device will work.

Another option, to replace that lock with one that is supported. But, obviously better and less of a cost to get a hub that works with this lock.

Also unless it is a new house, ask the previous owner what they were doing to use the lock?

I don’t see that zigbee is supported yet. the radio module plugs in above the battery compartment. at worst you could purchase the zwave radio from Yale. Yale recently came out with the zigbee radio module.

The “ZW” at the end of the Yale model number on the official compatibility list stands for Z wave. You can also see the protocol listed in the protocol column. The zwave version of a lock being compatible does not mean the zigbee version will be. Or vice a versa.

There is a Kwikset zigbee lock which is not on the official “compatible with SmartThings,” list but which has a support article, and is used by some community members. However several people in the forums have said they tried the Kwikset zigbee device type with the Yale zigbee and it didn’t work. Not even just for basic lock and unlock.

Locks are always complicated, because typically they have special encryption, and it’s just not as simple as turning a light switch on and off.

In addition, Many home automation companies and security companies and their own encryption layered to zigbee. Which means their devices won’t work with any other brand of controllers. Control4 does this. So it’s kind of like buying a DVD in France. Even if the audio is in English, if it’s encoded for French players, it won’t play on a DVD player in the US even though it’s “English-language DVD.” There’s an extra encryption layer involved.

This can be very frustrating if you moved into a home that had control4 equipment or you bought a “zigbee lock” online when you find out it’s a control4 version that doesn’t work with anything else. But that’s just how it is.

As was suggested, for many Yale lock models, it is possible to buy it A replacement radio module of a different communication protocol. So you can replace the radio module in the lock with a Z wave module. This is often cheaper than replacing the whole lock. So it’s something to look into.

You might also want to get in touch with support and see what they say about both the Kwikset zigbee lock and the yale zigbee lock.

This ZigBee lock should be supported within 2 weeks.

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Oooo…2 weeks?! That makes me more than a little excited!
That’s great news!
So you’re a Device Certification Manager…with SmartThings?
'Cause that would be great inside information you’re giving to me!

Yup! My team at SmartThings manages the testing and publication of new device integrations.

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Once I see this IRL, I will pull the trigger on buying into SmartThings! Yippee!

The Zigbee Yale lock?

Yes - the Yale YRD220 ZigBee lock.


Todd, I am in the same situation: I bought a YRD210 with the Zigbee radio, but to my surprise, there are no hubs for sale that currently support this product!

Several hubs claim to support the Zigbee standard. Both Control4 and Crestron systems support a version of this lock that is Zigbee compliant, but it is a proprietary version of Zigbee that requires either the Control4 or Crestron radio module, respectively.

The SmartThings hub looks like a perfect match on paper, because it supports Zigbee HA 1.2, which is the same profile as the lock; however, the lock is not listed in the smartphone app, so there is no means to control the lock even though it connects to the hub over the Zigbee network.

Tyler offers us a ray of hope, so I will hold onto my SmartThings hub - and Zigbee lock - for now. I hope that Samsung is forthcoming with a software update for the hub and/or smartphone. Do we need to somehow register with support in order to get the update?!?

For most folks, the solution is to exchange the lock for a Zwave version. In fact, this is what Yale support suggested that I do. Most hubs support the Zwave version of this lock. If you cannot exchange the lock as a whole, you can probably replace the Zigbee module with a Zwave module purchased online.

@mythic_glyph, we’ll know in 11-ish days, according to what was said 3 days ago by @Tyler! Can’t wait!!! :smiley:

This ZigBee lock should be supported within 2 weeks.

@mythic_glyph, @Tyler , support for Yale’s “REAL LIVING TOUCHSCREEN DEADBOLT” is now posted on the SmartThings “works with” web page. [Much rejoicing] I will now be purchasing the ST hub for my home!!! Yay

You should definitely pick one up, but the one listed on our Compatible Products page is the Z-Wave model. We’re very close to publishing support for the Yale ZigBee locks. Unfortunately they don’t follow the ZigBee spec for battery reports so we’re having to work around that issue, but it’s coming soon!


@Tyler: So, ST hub should be able to lock/unlock and maybe even know the lock state? Or, just lock/unlock the zigbee Yale lock? Either is a step forward for me.

You can:

  1. Lock and unlock the lock remotely
  2. See the current status of the lock (and if it changes)
  3. See the battery percentage

This is the Device Type Handler that includes Yale ZigBee Lock support:


We’re close to publishing it for customers.


@Tyler I clicked your link but received a “Not Found” from github. :confused: Was the code taken down or moved?

Yeah, it was moved into our production environment! You should now be able to pair Yale ZigBee locks. If you run into trouble, here’s the new file, but you shouldn’t need it.


I am very excited, US zigbee devices can be used in Australia legally making these things more affordable than Zwave.

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Is there an ETA for when the Zigbee YRD210 / YRD220 will be officially supported? If not…

Is there a starting point for going the DIY route using the groovy file? I have not got around to “hacking” the Hub yet. :blush: