Yale Z-wave deadbolt $152 Amazon YRD240-ZW-0BP

I don’t own this lock (yet) but the camel says this is the lowest it has ever gone for except for briefly in January so it looks like a pretty decent deal…

And a quick search of the forum shows the some people are pretty happy with it.

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Thanks for sharing.

Does anybody know how this compares to the schlage deadbolts? I have a schlage now, but I’ve been thinking of returning it, because it’s starting to have trouble locking without struggling.

This seems like newer technology which I like too.

I’ve been waiting for the new Yale Linus (http://www.yalehome.com/en/yale/yalehome/residential/yale-linus/yale-linus/) lock that is highly anticipated for this year. However, this is tempting. Thank you for posting.

If it’s struggling it may be binding. You should be able to turn the thumb latch without any or little resistance. I’m using the Schlage Connects (4). Never had an issue. Very good on batteries. And it’s a Grade 1 residential lock. The Yale lock is a grade 2

On solid our wood doors the Schalge is pretty loud. On the cheaper Insulated doors they are ok, Still a little loud.

Could anyone comment on the battery life of the ZWave model vs. the Zigbee? I’m been watching for the latter to go on sale, but the pricing certainly heavily favors the ZWave version. I suspect no one has real life experience with both, but thought I’d ask…

I would guess the ZigBee version battery would last longer as in general ZigBee has better battery life than older Z-Wave products. I have a ZigBee version and have had no battery issues but I don’t have a Z-Wave to compare.

The new Yale Assure locks are Z-Wave Plus so battery life would be improved in that line.

I have the Zwave version, and I have had since around September. I would consider our use to be average, 2 working adults, wife is a teacher, so she gets additional breaks during the year where the lock has extra use. My current battery is reporting at 66%. That seems to me to be pretty good.

I have a brand new ZiggBee model available for sale. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks
Can negotiate price