Yale YRD226 Z-Wave Lock

Has anyone else had the problem of extreme battery drainage? NEW batteries go from 100% to 60% in 5 days.

My lock YRD220 with ZigBee was replaced with the above model because of a loose Deadbolt and it only came with Z-Wave.

I was just on with SmartThings CHAT and I was just informed this lock was NOT supported. This may explain my battery issue.

Any Ideas? Does SmartThings plan to support YRD226 soon?

If not I might have to get Yale replace YRD226 with a keyless YRD446-HA2 ZigBee



Those are new models. The Yale 446, which is the Z wave with Bluetooth, is on the official compatibility list, but it looks like the 226 isn’t there yet for whatever reason. @tyler might know if there are plans to add the 226.

Normally when a new lock drains battery really fast it’s for one of four reasons:

  1. The deadbolt is slightly touching the side of the bolt hole, which causes the lock to continually reassess whether it’s jammed or not. The usual solution for this is to slightly widen the hole.

Two) it’s a defective lock. Like all electronic devices, this can happen, although it’s not common

Three) it’s right on the boundary range of how far its signal can transmit and it’s having to retransmit a lot of signals. This is solved by putting a beaming zwave repeater within 10 feet of the lock and running a zwave repair utility. I know your previous lock was zigbee– – how far is this from the hub?

  1. you added custom code to your system which is polling the lock excessively. If you did that, you should know it.

Usually the best step is to get in touch with yale support first. They should be able to help you figure out if it’s one or two. Although the network might be involved, this may also just be a problem with the lock itself.


  1. Checked deadbolt looks clear no touch or jam
  2. Might be defective will know next week they are sending another YRD226 May ask them for a 446 instead if this doesn’t work
  3. I put a Leviton Plug DZPA1-15A within 3 feet of deadbolt lock I think this plug does beaming
  4. No Custom Code

Thanks again


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Sorry I also ran Zwave Repair, have done Factory Reset.

I didn’t realize until today this lock wasn’t supported because it did display automatically on join as a Yale Z-wave Bluetooth Lock, but that must have been it thinkin the lock was a YRD446


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Are you using Alkaline batteries or rechargeables ?

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Costco Alkalines they last 6+ months in yale YRD220 on ZigBee


Sounds like a bad piece. We have three identical Schlage FE599. One of them drains 5 times faster than the other two. Quirks. You can try to reset it and see if it helps.

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Yale sent me the NEW ZigBee Modules for the 226 Funny thing I replaced batteries and it started with 198% now they are at 200%

Still prefer to be on ZigBee anyways. We will see tomorrow, in the past I would drop 10% a day


Fluctuations are normal after use especially for deadbolts. The heavy electrical draw can cause the voltage to drop and they recover after a while causing an increase in reported levels. These are quirks of battery chemistry. The best bet is to use Lithium 1.5v batteries. They have a solid and stable voltage discharge curve. I had posted a comparison in a different thread if you want to really get into it.

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