Recommend a Deadbolt

(Cory S) #1

In our current house we have the Schlage touchscreen deadbolt. It worked out well for us, but the interior is clunky and “hotel” looking. For our new house I’d like something a little more sleek.

We like the PIN pad support of the Schlage, it works out well for the house keeper, or other non smartphone touting visitors. But, we could live without it.

Rock solid SmartThings support is a must. No finicky “hey it works…sometimes” hack job integrations.

Battery life for the Schlage was about 12-13 months, which I’d like to stick to.

Danalock looks like it has support, but the Amazon reviews are horrible. Anyone have any first hand experience?

August as far as I know doesn’t have support despite the wifi bridge they offer, correct?

Anyone have any other suggestions?


All the Z-Wave Yale locks work really well.

(Jam Dawz) #3

These are incredible. I have had 4 installed since May 29, 2015. The 2 heavily-used locks are reporting 61% and 71% battery life (summer break with 3 kids at home = battery drain). The others are at 96% and 100%. I believe the batteries used in the 2 heavily-used locks began reporting at 76% (generic, oem batteries). The locks easily paired with the basic Smartthings device type and are working brilliantly with @ethayer 's User Lock Manager app.

Yale Z-wave deadbolt $152 Amazon YRD240-ZW-0BP
(Scott Alexander) #4

+1 for the Yale locks combined with Erik’s Lock Manager.


Z-wave antennas are bigger than zigbee and a lot bigger than Bluetooth, plus typically need 4 AA batteries, so all the current z-wave brands will have the interior box look you didn’t like with the Schlage, or at best the Danalock big circle.

The new generation of zwave, zwave plus, has somewhat smaller antennas, and also needs less battery power, so in a year or so we may see new zwave locks with a smaller form factor.

For now, the zwave locks seem to be the most reliable in a SmartThings installation.

Both the Schlage and Yale are very good locks. The Yale is more expensive, but a bit quieter, and has a true capacitive touchscreen rather than resistive touch.

If you like the current Schlage, it’s probably as good as you’re going to get in a z-wave lock. If you go Bluetooth you may find styles you like better, but without direct ST integration.

(Cory S) #6

I like the Yales, but it seems they don’t come in our hardware finish color which is a polished nickel look.

(Jam Dawz) #7

Not like this? Yale Security YRD240-ZW-619 Real Living Electronic Keyless Touch Screen Deadbolt, Fully Motorized with Z-Wave Technology, Satin Nickel

(Cory S) #8

Afraid not. Ours is a polished nickel…almost like a chrome.

(Jam Dawz) #9

Oh, wow, that flavor is not as common!

(Ash ( / Ashutosh Jaiswal) #10

Does anyone know if the Yale locks provide the option of “Smart Key” like the Kwikset Locks, where I can re-program the lock to work with my old key.??


Yale and Schlage Locks don’t have the quick rekeying feature, which actually introduces a new security vulnerability into a lock:

Kwikset are aimed at the market niche most concerned about price, including the cost of paying a locksmith to rekey a lock.

That said, Yale locks can be rekeyed by a locksmith if you need it done, although not all keys are compatible. You may also be able to buy a rekey kit for many models. The process for the homeowner’s kit takes much longer than the Kwikset method and is trickier. Even in my ablebodied days, I just paid a locksmith.


(Cory S) #12

Yeah, when we sold our house I actually couldn’t locate the keys for our Schlage, being we had never used them. AAA actually sent someone out to key it for us for free.

(Elijah) #13

I had an issues where my keypads stop working, Schlage had great customer service & immediately sent me two new locks, also told me if i have an issue with the 3rd to just give them a call. very satisfied.
need to come up with an idea to re purpose the old locks, they work perfectly except the keypad.