Issues Pair Yale YRD426 With SmartThings

Hi All,

Trying to pair my new Yale YRD 426 ( Shown as middle lock here.

Issue is…I don’t have an option to press 7 when in programming…only has up to #6 then goes to #esp8266

This lock should have z-wave or zigbee built into it?

Did I buy the wrong lock? Can anyone help me?


The link you proved points to the bluetooth model. You would need either the z-wave or zigbee module in order to use it with ST.

from the link you provided…
The Assure Lock with Bluetooth can be upgraded with a Yale Network Module to seamlessly integrate into most home automation and alarm systems. Enjoy the best of both worlds, key free unlocking at the door from Bluetooth and advanced smart home features and remote access with your Z-Wave or ZigBee integrator, such as SmartThings. Modules can be purchased on