Yale Touchscrren lock

Hey guys,

I recently installed a Yale lock on the pool bath door. Any ideas why it would show the following in the activity feed? It looks like it is unlocked by code every ten minutes but is then followed by auto lock. I’m not even touching it.


Sorry. Every hour or so I meant.

The autolock message is OK, that just means the lock is set up to lock itself after it’s been opened each time.

The question is why it thinks it’s being unlocked with the code every hour. It could just be a defective lock, it could happen.

If it was me, I would exclude it, set it back to factory specs, and then reinstall it and see if that fixes the problem.

You can also talk to support about it.


What DTH are you using with it?

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Tried re-pairing but still acting up. I believe it paired as a generic z-wave lock.