Bug Report: Yale Touchscreen Z-Way Lock

Not sure if there is an official “Bug Report” area. perhaps someone can let me know and this can be moved somewhere where the developers will see it.

On my Yale Z-Wave Touchscreen lock there is an Auto Time to re-lock the door which I use. When I unlock the door via the ST APP the status go to “Unlocked” for a second or two and then changes immediately back to “Locked” status even thought he door is still in “Unlocked” status.

In the “Recently Log” it displays “Lock is Unlocked with timeout”. I believe that ST is determining that “Unlocked with Timeout” = Locked because someone decided since it is going to Auto-Lock that it should read as locked. But since the “Recently” log also shows the “Locked” status 60 seconds later when the door actually locks the “Unlocked With Timeout” should show as “unlocked” and not as “Locked”

I have spoken with support on this and their workaround is to install an app called “Enhanced Auto Lock Door” and use that to automatically relock the door. But I don’t feel comfortable with relying on the App to re-lock the door instead of the built in mechanism of the lock.

Hopefully this bug report will make it to a developer so that this can be fixed.


The only way to ensure the bugs are reported to the engineers is via the official support channel, not the community forums.

So writing to support@smartthings.com is the right way to do it.

Ok. Will do. Had a chat with support about it but maybe I will send an actual e-mail in the hopes that it gets filed into some sort of “Bugs To Be Fixed” folder or something.



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I have a Yale lock as well and I tried to duplicate what you posted but my ST App (iOS) stays unlocked. Once the lock performs its auto re-lock then the ST app shows locked.