Yale conexis l1 zwave integration

Hi,new to Smart Things and the Yale lock. Got them talking and unlocks just fine but it won’t lock. It tries but never succeds, just hear it struggling. If I pull the handle up it will lock, it’s almost like it doesn’t have the strength to do it? Any ideas?

Also, what else can I now do? I thought I would have options to get notified when door was opened etc but can’t seem to find anything like this.

Mine sounds like that if I don’t pull the handle fully up. It’s pretty sensitive like that.

So does that mean it cannot be locked remotely?

The motor only operates the deadlock and will not operate that unless the handle is fully lifted home, the one that I returned would not even operate the deadlock fully whether it was fitted to the door or not

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Ok, so seems like you can unlock remotely but not lock it as need to lift the handle. That’s frustrating, I was under the assumption it would do both so bought the Smarthings and moduel. Wish had saved my pennies now!!

Thank you all that have answered.

That’s correct, the “latch” need to be done manually but it can be “unlatched” remotely AFAIK. You could also look at another lock like Nuki which is an attachment that sits on your existing lock setup and latches and unlatches remotely.

Thanks for the help mate.

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if you always lift the handle when you close the door, can you remotley lock it?

Lifting the handle is what locks it so then shows as locked in the app.

lift the handle and it locks, ie you have to use a key to open it?

normally - lifting the handled put all the bolts accross, turning the key is what locks everything in place.

so this just locks you out if you lift the handle? what does the motor do? i thought it only did the ‘key turn’ bit, and that could only be done when the handle had been all the way up?

Hi, no, no key. From outside you lift the handle which pulls the bolts accross, then the motors turn preventing the handle from
opening the door without a fob etc. Internally its the same except you have a thumb turn to undo from the inside.