Locks with fob? (UK)


Being disabled I would like a fob entry lock for front door. Insurance are happy as long as it is under bs3621. Any suggestions?

US or U.K.? The device selection does vary somewhat. (I’m guessing U.K., but I just want to be certain.)

I wrote a long response initially, but now I’m not happy with it.

There are some Yale lock models which do have key fobs and there are versions of those models which do work with SmartThings, but I’m just not sure if the versions that use key fobs also work with SmartThings.

@John_Crighton might know, I know he just recently selected a yale lock and may have current research.

There are some other alternative approaches you can try, but if the Yale locks with the key fobs do work with SmartThings that’s probably going to be the easiest. So hopefully someone who knows for sure about the compatibility will respond. :sunglasses:

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I’ve fitted the Yale Conexis L1, which does open with either a fob, or a phone via bluetooth. I really like it, it’s well built and works with a multi point mechanism, just as a normal lock would. Only difference is that the key turn has smarts.

The only thing that may be an issue, is that to lock the door you need to push the handle up. This puts the multi point locks into position, and the Yale turns the ‘key’ to lock for you. Inside the door is a thumb turn, which you need to push in and twist in order to open the door again from the inside (it’s not possible to open with a fob from the inside).

As far as compatibility, you need the z-wave module. You can then check the lock status from anywhere. You can also unlock it from anywhere, but be mindful that it still requires a handle push up to lock again.

Edit to add, in that respect it would be possible to open it using ST if you were inside the house.

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I am in uk.

i have the kwikset kevo, i dont see why it wouldnt work in the uk.

youll need the kwikset hub and a kevo fob.
our phone is key, tap deadbolt to unlock
the fob acts the same, single touch to unlock.
theres a device handler that usesthe web api so its a thing like all the others.
it knows what side of the door your on, i havent been ableto trick itinto opeing

send any phone a e-key

you dont need gto remeber pins!

Thank you for the advice. Our insurance company are being a bit difficult at the moment. I wanted something I could fob from bottom of my ramp but insurance thinks these aren’t good enough. I am liaising with them at the moment …:weary:

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I think when you unlock it via ST, if you don’t disengage the multi-point locking system by pushing the lever down, you can relock it again via ST.

Yes, I’ve just discovered this. Thanks for the correction!