Yale Keyless Connected, battery dying in days

Hi all, my ( 2nd, 1st one faulty ) Yale keyless connected with Z-wave plus is eating batteries at an alarming rate. 3 days about average. I’m thinking this is due to polling to the smart hub when comms is lost. I’ve removed the module to see what happens.
If a smart hub needs to be next to the lock in order to work, then thats not fit for purpose. Any advice gratefully received as Yale are not really much help.

If the lock is losing communication with the hub continously, place a zwave device that acts as a repeater in between the two.

Thanks Bryan, I will get a powered socket. That being said the door is but 6-7 meters away from the hub. If that’s the cause, not a great advert for the z-wave.

It should perform better than that. Is there anything (like a wall) in between the lock and the hub?

Yup, plasterboard, with a doorway to the hall. Which I wouldn’t have thought would have caused too much trouble.

But, hey ho, give the relay a shot and see what happens.


You’ve got excessive drain from your module. Try this

  1. Insert the module back
  2. Exclude the lock from the hub
  3. Reset the lock
  4. Reboot the hub
  5. Pair the lock with the hub

If it still continues you should contact Yale for a replacement module. It’s a known issue

Hi RBoy,

Do you mean factory reset the entire lock or reset the module (as if you were force removing it from the hub)


That with the module inserted. This is done after excluding the module from the hub.

Thanks. I reckon the dodgy module is looking favourite. Will let you know the outcome.