Yale lock a distance away - design flaw with Smarthings Hub

The decision to NOT give the hub Wifi connectivity is detrimental. I am trying to pair a Yale z-wave lever lock, which is a distance away from the hub. Should be ok with the z-wave network in my house, but the pairing may or may not require the hub to move around and be close.

But the hub is connected with a wired cable to my network, and I must keep it connected. I cannot move it close enough to where the lock is. This is a major design flaw in my book.

The instructions say “bring the lock to the hub”. Seriously ?


I never moved my hub and I have connected 3 locks all connected first time. I had the battery issue which yale sent me out a updated module for free and after 2 days seems okay. I don’t understand people having difficulty getting a yale lock to join, you have to press the button 3 times in 1.5 seconds I find using a screw driver to poke the button easier than trying to use a finger.

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Agreed. That’s why I pair the locks before installation in the doors.

But the rumor is that Hub V3 has WiFi connectivity for the internet (the wifi chip is in the FCC certification).

I don’t know if this will help in your particular case, but an old field engineer trick is to borrow a Wi-Fi access point That also has an ethernet port for a couple of days from someone else, plug it in close to your lock, and then plug the hub into that for the lock pairing.

I’m not saying there isn’t a design flaw, it’s one that people have been talking about since SmartThings first came on the market. Just wanted to mention the access point option as a way to move forward if you do get stuck.

This is a typical one, but there are many different brands and models. Some are called “range extenders“. Just make sure that the one you get/borrow has an ethernet port on the side.

Since the lock is battery powered, wouldn’t it be easier to bring the lock to the hub for pairing rather than bringing the hub to the lock?

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The lock is installed inside the door. The hub is nowhere near that area, but z-wave network should work, there is a fire alarm (z-wave) 10 feet from the lock.
Please do not mention moving the lock, doesn’t make you look good.

As for borrowing an acces point - sounds like it may work, but I am leaving on vacation tomorrow, and was hoping to sort this before I leave.

Or a (very) long Ethernet cord?

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You cannot pair through a repeater. It has to pair directly to the hub.

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That’s what I just found, my old RJ45 was long enough and pairing was successful.
Only problem now is that lock/unlock actions don’t take place, but that’s unrelated to this thread. I’ll research.

Thank you all for the good advice!


You may need to do a z-wave repair once you move the hub back.


zwave repair?

Follow these steps:

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Thank you !
I tried that and received the following output. Any suggestions appreciated, note that there is a connected z-wave smoke alarm a few feet away from the kitchen door, which connected successfully:

Z-Wave network repair started
Network repair for Kitchen Door Lock [06]:
Failed to update route
Z-Wave network repair finished