Smart Things with Yale Smart Lock

(Connie) #1


I just bought and installed a Smart Things hub and am trying to install a Yale door lock that is already installed on my door. The hub is upstairs and the door is downstairs. Is there a way to do that? If not, what do I need to disconnect on the door to take it upstairs? Thanks.


(Paul) #2

Might be easier to take the hub downstairs on batteries (using a long ethernet cable).

(Paul) #3

Stating the obvious but have you tried pairing it as is?

(Connie) #4

Thanks for the suggestion. I did try pairing as is but it didn’t work. We
will get a long network cable and try pairing that way. Do I need to do
anything to the lock other than hit the keys as stated?

(Paul) #5

You do have the z-wave module installed don’t you?


Make sure the Yale lock model you have has the z-wave module installed and is not “stand alone.” easiest thing to do is take lock to hub and pair it. Green or sometimes, translucent green module needs to be there


LOL … how about we meet in the middle of the stairwell :wink:

@CLeuder, which Yale model do you have?

(Connie) #8

Yes. There is a small, green z-wave module installed. I did nothing to
activate or test it, I assumed it was good.


(Chris H) #9

Forgive me if you’ve tried this already, but you need to tell the lock to look for and connect to your ST z-wave network - it won’t do that automatically without you telling it to,

The best instructions are the ones that came in the little box that the green z-wave module was packaged in (all within the packaging for the lock in general), but IIRC, network-join instructions are also provided in the overall lock instructions sheet too.

You need to install the green z-wave module with lock batteries removed, and then pop in batteries in.

Next, enter your Master Code… IIRC, the network-join menu option is “7” (then settings button), and then option “1” (then settings button) to actually get the lock begin searching for your network.

If the network join is a success, the lock will audibly tell you. If the join is unsuccessful, the lock will time out after a minute or so.

In the latter case, the lock is probably just too far away from the hub or the nearest repeater. You can try adding a z-wave device (outlet, bulb, etc) somewhere to act as a repeater, and then do a z-wave network refresh - that will probably help.

One of my 3 Yale locks is out on my detached garage, but it turns out that one is simply too far away from my house/network, so I’m out of luck connecting that one (no big deal). My other 2 in my house connected easily and both work great.