Smart Things with Yale Smart Lock


I just bought and installed a Smart Things hub and am trying to install a Yale door lock that is already installed on my door. The hub is upstairs and the door is downstairs. Is there a way to do that? If not, what do I need to disconnect on the door to take it upstairs? Thanks.


Might be easier to take the hub downstairs on batteries (using a long ethernet cable).

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Stating the obvious but have you tried pairing it as is?

Thanks for the suggestion. I did try pairing as is but it didn’t work. We
will get a long network cable and try pairing that way. Do I need to do
anything to the lock other than hit the keys as stated?

You do have the z-wave module installed don’t you?

Make sure the Yale lock model you have has the z-wave module installed and is not “stand alone.” easiest thing to do is take lock to hub and pair it. Green or sometimes, translucent green module needs to be there

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LOL … how about we meet in the middle of the stairwell :wink:

@CLeuder, which Yale model do you have?


Yes. There is a small, green z-wave module installed. I did nothing to
activate or test it, I assumed it was good.


Forgive me if you’ve tried this already, but you need to tell the lock to look for and connect to your ST z-wave network - it won’t do that automatically without you telling it to,

The best instructions are the ones that came in the little box that the green z-wave module was packaged in (all within the packaging for the lock in general), but IIRC, network-join instructions are also provided in the overall lock instructions sheet too.

You need to install the green z-wave module with lock batteries removed, and then pop in batteries in.

Next, enter your Master Code… IIRC, the network-join menu option is “7” (then settings button), and then option “1” (then settings button) to actually get the lock begin searching for your network.

If the network join is a success, the lock will audibly tell you. If the join is unsuccessful, the lock will time out after a minute or so.

In the latter case, the lock is probably just too far away from the hub or the nearest repeater. You can try adding a z-wave device (outlet, bulb, etc) somewhere to act as a repeater, and then do a z-wave network refresh - that will probably help.

One of my 3 Yale locks is out on my detached garage, but it turns out that one is simply too far away from my house/network, so I’m out of luck connecting that one (no big deal). My other 2 in my house connected easily and both work great.