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Yale Keyless Connected Smart Lock shows 10% battery with brand new batteries

Same here. 6 locks. 3 report bad battery

Ah, you’re ahead of me as I’m still on my first set of AAs on each of my locks. At least it is showing something different even if on the day of failure.

It’s not pretty though

Just installed a new z wave 2 controller. I was hoping it would fix the battery report issues but no luck. It was showing 10% with the old one and now shows 1% with the new one.
To be honest i bought it as “never used” from a locksmith off eBay. If I had bought it from yale or Amazon I would of sent it back and got a different brand.

Same. I sent @yalesecurity a tweet today 07/03/2019 asking for an update. Such an important feature being left unresolved is unacceptable. If I had known I would never have made the purchase from Yale.

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Yeah, me too.

Yale UK seem hopeless with regards to (smart) technology. They are way behind their US sister company.

The UK only offers Z-Wave and their proprietary module, the US offers also Zigbee, HomeKit and August Connect modules. The US has also just announced a new August derived smart doorbell with integration to other Yale US locks fitted with August Connect module or August locks.

(Assa Abloy owners of Yale bought August.)

The only reason I looked at and bought a Yales Keyless Connected lock is that it is the only smart night latch type lock on sale. (Unless anyone here can suggest an alternative.)

The Keyless Connected is even worse than the Connexis L1, there is no app for it and you cannot therefore do the smarter things to manage codes etc. Also in my and a couple of other cases I cannot get the Keyless Connected lock to work with a Z-Wave version 2 module. I have tried three version 2 modules, two Smartthings Hubs but only one lock. The lock does work however with a version 1 module.

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They’ve asked me to DM them so have.

And here is @YaleSecurity response… “not got any new firmware available”

Things seem to have got worse as in addition to not knowing the battery level the lock now seems to be reporting “Ed” up to twice an hour. Hence batteries draining faster but we still don’t know! Anyone else getting this message?