Yale Keyless Connected lock widget? (Windows Phone)

I have just bought a SmartThings hub so I can control my Yale Keyless lock. The hub is fine (after a lot of grief). The SmartThings app can unlock the door. So how can I have a button on my phone’s home screen that will operate the lock? Surely this isn’t a stupid question!

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There are several different ways to do this, and they vary somewhat depending on whether you have an android phone or an iPhone, but the easiest is just to use the official SmartThings widget.

This can run a routine and a routine can unlock a lock, so there you are.

Unfortunately, the official widgets can’t be used as toggles. So you will need one to unlock and one to lock if you want that capability. But most people just seem to want a widget to unlock, particularly if you’re using the autolock feature on the lock itself.

Here are the instructions for setting up a widget (this is a clickable link)

Oh, if it’s not clear from that support article, you need to first create a routine. Then once it is created, you can select that routine to be a widget.

Not sure what phone you have, but take a look at SharpTools. I have it on my Android phone and i have a whole screen of buttons.

Not sure if it works on iphone etc.

It seems to me that the Windows Phone app isn’t there yet. Or Samsung aren’t there yet. All I want to do is unlock my front door from my phone’s home screen. Surely that’s the whole point? Is it such a big ask?

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Ouch! If it’s a Windows phone, there’s no official widget capacity.

I’m going to move this thread into the windows phone category, and maybe someone there will know a way to do it.

Thanks. I’ll move over there.

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