How to make a one touch Android icon/app to trigger event?

I would like to have just an icon on my phone that I can push to trigger a ST event. Specifically, I would like to have just an icon to push to unlock my front door without having to open multiple windows/actions.

I know I can open ST app and add routine to FAVORITES, but would like to have an icon on my phone screen that I could trigger a specific event without having to open anything else (or multiple icons on my phone that would do multiple things).


Smart things has an official widget, it’s just that it only works with routines. But just put your door lock event in one routine and your door unlock in another, and you could have one widget for each.

Alternatively, you can probably use the third-party app, sharptools To create a single widget to toggle lock/unlock. @joshua_lyon could say more about that.


SharpTools has widgets and shortcuts that provide one-click access to unlock/lock your door.


The screenshot above shows a couple of Thing widgets for lights, locks, and motion sensors which allow you to quickly control your device and see the current state of the devices. Below those are the blue shortcuts which also can control your Things - the difference is these are traditional icons rather than widgets and thus can be grouped into folders but don’t display state.

Not pictured is the Tasker integrations which allow you to trigger actions in SmartThings based on events on your phone and the Quick Settings Tiles. For example, with the Tasker integration you might flash a light when you receive a phone call, or change the color of a bulb when you receive a text message, or automatically unlock the front door when you enter a geofence - lots of cool things you can do with Tasker.

The Quick Settings Tiles allow you to add quick actions to your notification shade. The benefit of these over widgets is you can swipe down and access these actions no matter what you are doing on your phone.




Thanks! I appreciate the fast response.

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