Problems with Yale Z Wave Lock, Location Awareness and Actions

Hi All - have new Z Wave Lock from Yale connected to Smartthings Hub and showing correctly in mobile apps (I have IOS, girlfriend has Android). Problem is that although the door responds to immediate actions when you press the item in the mobile app (ie ‘I’m Back’) which opens the door, NOTHING works correctly regarding either sensing the phone or the smartpresence key ring.

  1. Smartthings keeps telling me erroneously that girlfriend leaves/returns home.
  2. No location aware actions work - Yale lock has never once opened when we return even though both of us have setup both our phones and our smartpresence key fobs to ‘Open Door when 100M Away’. Lock works perfectly in all other ways.

I have been trying IFTTT as well - nothing seems to properly trigger based on location. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

How did you get the Yale Lock into the hub?

I haven’t played around with the Location Awareness and Actions, but @mbacks adding a Yale lock is straightforward:

  1. Enter the 4-8 digit Master PIN code followed by the # key
  2. Press 7 followed by the # key. (*This function appears only with network module installed)
  3. Press 1 followed by the # key to include the door lock.

Then just ‘Connect New Device’ in the SmartThings App.

Thanks, I hadn’t had a chance to read the “manual” yet, (I mean the little pamphlet they hide in the packaging). Seems to work, I can unlock/lock remotely and it shows its status. Unfortunately, if you manually unlock, the lock doesn’t send anything to Smartthings so can’t update, only if the electronic functions from outside are used. At least the manual lock function updates Smartthings if you’ve use the lock electronically. I think I’ll need to dig into the settings and either set up or change polling and see how much it drains the locks battery.

Hey @leftride @mbacks - Have there been any updates/improved functionality with ST and the Yale lock?

I’m on the fence between Revolv and ST because Revolv allows their users to add/remove codes to Yale locks through the mobile application. Is this possible on ST? even through a smart app?

similar to this? ->

Not that I’m aware of. I’ve actually remove my Yale lock from ST entirely and am just managing it through I’ve actually gone as far as keeping it completely separate from the ST z-wave network. Basically my alarm and lock is 1 network and all my other lights, thermostats, SmartThings are another.

I did this because I could never get the primary/secondary controllers to work the way I wanted to.