Slide to unlock a door/lock

Hi All,

Does anyone know if this app exists or is possible to create:

When I approach my house, rather than have SmartThings unlock my front door right, I get a push notification, and when I slide to open the notification, the door would unlock


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No, it doesn’t exist. If you are using android and are willing to invest a few dollars, something like that could probably be created using sharptools and tasker. @joshua_lyon, what do you think? Is there a tasker profile event for clearing a tasker created notification?

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I’m an iPhone user…

I guess SmartThings would have to do this? I know Revolv has this feature

Also I saw Insteon’s new app has this “feature” (flashy things) I’m sure ST will do a big “Flat UI” overhaul soon that might include something like this. Gotta try to stay current ya know.

And I’m pretty sure they won’t. Not soon, anyway. Although in SmartThings’ parlance ‘soon’ can mean anything from several month to never. :smile:

Yea I’m trying to be optimistic with the Samsung acquisition. I guess it can look so so as long as it works… which is another topic, so i guess it can look so so as long as I can continue to write my own SmartApps and hack maker projects in I guess I’ll finish with…

Yes, you could do something like this with SharpTools and Tasker (on Android). Tasker could create a notification with action buttons and when tapped it could unlock the door (via SharpTools) and clear the notification.

Adding in AutoNotification, you could achieve the original request. Receive a notification when arriving at your house and when you dismiss or tap the notification, have it unlock the door.

It sound like Sean is using iOS, but if other Android users want additional details I would be happy to add them.