Yale lock dies after 2 weeks

My Yale Touchscreen Lever Lock(YRL220-ZW-619) was working fine but 2 weeks after installation the lock turned off. I figured it was the included batteries, so i changed them with good quality batteries. Then after 2 weeks, same thing. The lock dies. I just want to know if someone had a similar problem or if there is a fix for this before sending it back to yale.


Is it near the hub or a repeater that supports beaming? If it is far away or not solidly in the mesh network you might have communication problems and thus the radios are constantly trying to get in touch with the hub.

I have similar situation going on in my garage - I just have not installed enough other devices out there yet to make the mesh solid enough for the wave commands to get out there. The lock on my back door has no issues because the mesh is stronger. The batteries in my garage also drain faster (but last longer then 2 weeks!).

Here is an FAQ from the always helpful @JDRoberts:

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Possibly, the lock is misaligned. I think on my schlage if it feels resistance it goes into a high current mode to try and get the lock to cycle.
I know some people that have my lock complained of same issue. I personally haven’t changed the batteries in my lock yet. I have had it for at least 3 months now. I did make sure I could cycle it very easily without pushing the door.

I don’t know if Yale is the same. I would assume it is.

That with possible radio issues could eat batteries. Hope this helps.

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