Yale Keyfree Connected Smart Lock integration (UK)

I’ve been considering buying one if these locks next year:

With the Z-Wave module. I’d like to hear any reviews from anyone who’s got one already…

I have a question about the ST integration. They mention that people can be granted access with their phone.

Would this mean that a person, a dog walker for instance, would have to have ST installed on their phone and have access to all my devices?

Or is there a cut-down, identification app of some sort that could do this without having access to the rest of ST?

Ideally the person’s phone should just behave like a big key fob…


Hello Pete,

I’ve also been considering this as well but I am opting more for the Danalock, since I can provide remote account and timed access if required. It also fits a Euro Cylinder lock.


Hi Sam,

Those look pretty cool. And cheaper than the Yale lock too.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the Danalock is the correct profile for my door - it’s big and round.

My existing lock handle looks exactly like the Yale Smart Lock - long, narrow and very close to the door edge:

Did you ever get a Keyfree uPVC door lock? I’m interested in finding out if anyone has one, and if it’s any good…

Just had one fitted. ST only detected it as a generic Z-Wave lock (was expecting it to have specific device handler given the fact it’s listed), but otherwise works great.

Thanks for the reply. I’m thinking of getting one, but the only thing holding me back is if the servers for Smartthings crashes for any reason, is there any chance that the lock would open up automatically leaving my house insecure?

No, the device is battery powered and doesn’t require a constant connection (in fact any connection) to work, so you’re pretty safe there! Even if it sent an ‘unlock’ command in error, and it’ll probably be user error I have to say, it re-locks after a set period (10-90 secs which you can choose) automatically anyway. There’s an old-fashion key override and emergency battery terminal to help unlock it should something go wrong with the device itself.

Thebantin is correct, the lock doesn’t need any connection to anything external to work.
I’ve had the Yale Keyfree lock for a couple of weeks now and it’s working out well. I have all the codes I need configured using the Lock Manager smartapp, including one for the cleaners that only works on Thursday mornings when they come. That code will also send me a text alert so I know they’ve entered successfully.
I have all my ‘things’ including the lock integrated into SharpTools, and have a widget on my android desktop screen to unlock the door. As I’m walking towards the door, I hit the widget, and Hey presto, the door unlocks and you just walk in-the definition of smart!!
I tinkered with IF (ifttt) integration with the lock as well. I created a rule that when my phone connects to my home wifi the door unlocks. This works well, but was also happening occasionally when I was at home at became disconnected for whatever reason, and also was trggering slightly too early sometimes when I wasn’t close enough to the door to get to it before it locks itself back again after 10 seconds.
So, all in all, it’s been great, not having to remember to grab keys when you leave the house has to be the future!!

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You guys have convinced me I have a faulty Z wave module.

I am using my phone for presence, It is set up so when I arrive home the interior lights nearest the door come on and the door is unlocked.
My presence is always correctly registered by the ST HUB, and the interior lights activated, but my lock rarely unlocks itself.
I had a chat with ST support and they suggested moving my HUB away from my wifi router which worked for a week, but now it has stopped again. if you guys reckon you are getting reliable operation from this lock via your ST HUB, then there is something wrong with my lock (or Zwave module).

I have one and it’s great. The main problem is the Voice. It’s good to have sound notification built in when it unlocks but the actual wording is drinking me insane.

“Disengaged. Please re-enter your credentials and lift the handle to securely lock” - What the heck is that all about.
“Lock closed, Securely locked”

And it’s you can either set it to be completely silent or voice - there is no setting for tones/beeps only. It’s oddly hard to use then it’s completely silent!

And the voice is very loud with no volume control. Annoying with a sleeping baby.

I suspect there is no way to hack the voice being a lock and all?

Can anyone explain how to connect? I have followed the instructions on page 21 of the manual;

press any button
master code + #
4 #
1 #

and then on the smartthings app tapping add a thing and waiting, but nothing happens and the lock says time expired

Reboot your hub first and then try to pair it.
Make sure the lock is no more than 20 ft from the hub or nearest active repeater device when trying to pair it.

Turns out I had the wrong module installed (doh!). I’ve now got the green z wave module installed and ST recognised it straight away. Am I able to control the user IDs using ST or another app rather than manually punching in codes to the hardware?

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Hi There,

sorry to reopen but my keyfree connected (the same model as yours) will not let me go into home automation search.

I press master, #, 4# then when i press one then # it says ‘wrong number’

Has anyone else had this issue and if so how can i force the lock into pairing mode? I have previously had it connected to this smartthings hub but removed it from devices,.

Thanks in advance


Sometimes locks are left in a paired state and they won’t pair again until excluded. That’s fortunately quite easy, put your Hub into exclusion mode from your ST Mobile app or IDE under Hub Settings -> Utilities

Then follow your lock’s procedure to exclude the lock. You may need to do it a few times until it succeeds.

Once excluded now your pair it back. For best results reboot the hub before pairing it.

Has anyone had any luck with the Yale Z-Wave Gen 2 (blue) modules with ST? I just came from Vera and couldn’t get the modules to work, I was in the marker for a new Hub so switched to ST. The gen 1 modules work fine in both Vera/ST, but I’ve brought the new modules for the new features (mainly the encryption and range), but they just won’t pair. I’ve contacted Yale and I am awaiting for a response, but I thought I would post here and ask.

Same here and I really do need some help…I literally been trying to pair the new zwave module 2 for hours - like searching for hundreds of time with different ‘steps’ after reading loads of posts about their installation experiences…

So now I do not have any locks on the network and the lock itself is totally excluded (and you can’t do it again once excluded on the Keyless as the option (PIN#4#3# that’s after the different ‘tones’ confirming that was complete.)

I also have put the ST hub literally kissing distance…lock reset a few times…batteries changed…still nothing…sigh

So apart from my rboyapps there is nothing lock related - yet it refuses to connect to the hub…

Any light shed will be much appreciated…

By the way for the UK peeps who are interested in the module 2 - B&Q is doing it for £42. Good price if you can get it to work…

Try 2 things

  1. Remove and reinsert the module
  2. Power cycle the hub before pairing (not just a reboot)

I ended up buying another on while Amazon price matched B&Q and with a brand new hub (on a different location and current still separate account) it detected after a couple of tries.

I will never find out what wasn’t working with the first new module…nor that I dare to try deleting and reinstalling just to feed my intrigue…

One thing though - like the V1 it is reporting wrong battery level - it’s saying 0%…yes it does on the very basic (and no where as refined as yours which I have enjoyed for a long time! Thanks)

Is it something I can change?? And more important when will they have the more basic functions like remotely update and add user manage codes?!