Yale Deadbolts that are compatible now?

I have an earlier Z-Wave Yale deadbolt on my front door. It has lasted about 6.5 years of heavy use due to the fact we have many people in and out of our house (nursing support for my son, piano lessons and kids, etc.).

It is starting to get “loose” inside and sometimes when a code is entered it won’t fully retract and then they have to ring the doorbell to get let in. That clearly won’t do.

I manage all of my codes centrally through ST, and I use the goodnight routines to ensure all doors are locked, etc.

Does anyone know which lock is compatible with Matter if I wanted to swap it out?

There’s nothing on the market yet. Here’s what’s been announced for later this year. That said, I would wait to find out exactly what support smartthings is going to offer. Remember that their basic lock support for years didn’t allow you to set codes, for example. :thinking:

Any specific reason you want something with matter compatibility?

Smart door locks with Matter updates coming in 2023

New Matter door locks coming in 2023

Thanks @JDRoberts I guess I technically don’t need Matter compatibility. Is there a Z-Wave + on the market now that works with current SmartThings drivers?

Again, it depends on what you mean by “works with.“

The basic stock edge drivers don’t let you set guest codes. (I know, that’s weird, but it is what it is.)

You have to add the official smart locks guest access (SLGA) feature, and that’s region locked, so it’s not available everywhere, and on top of that there have been bugs with it lately. :thinking:

SmartThings Smart Lock Guest Access - Disappeared (January 17, 2023)

@philh30 has a custom Z wave lock edge driver which has been popular: he may be able to say more. Here’s the thread discussing that:

[ST EDGE] Z-Wave Lock PH

How are you managing your lock now?

Thank you!

Right now I am managing code through the RBOY SmartApp, but I haven’t had to add any new ones for a while so I don’t know what will happen LOL.

I really hope that there is a way to add codes because manually adding them to the lock, then using the code and that “assigning” it a name in the stock lock code smartapp does not sound fun :slight_smile:

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R boy apps were turned off when the smartthings groovy cloud hosting was turned off about 10 days ago, so that would not be working for you now. :disappointed_relieved:

If you can’t do what you need with @philh30 ’s DTH and SLGA, some people have found that the pro level ($30 per year) of Sharptools gives them some of the same functionality, but it’s a little more work to set it up.

There’s discussion towards the end of the following thread about alternatives. Look for comments starting around post 2276.

[RELEASE] Lock User Management (LUM) - #2276 by Ben_Fletcher

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I have a Yale Assure lock with z-wave module. The Samsung’s Smartthings conversion was not going well, so I erased everything and reinstalled all my devies last week. This means I deleted my hub and all of my device drivers and smart apps (including all of my Rboy apps) within the graph.api.smartthing interface. Once I was done re-installing everything, and it was all working. The routine within the “Life” section of the Smartthings app - “Smart Lock Guest Access” App functions just like the one we used under the goove system. I can create and delete lock codes just like before.