New lock for smartthings

I have a schlage zwave lock that i would like to replace. With matter, will wifi & bluetooth locks be compatible with smartthings? @JDRoberts @RBoy will tour new software support these types of locks? Im thinking if anything, i may purchase a zigbee version to play it safe with smartthings compatibility.

Certain upcoming models of different lock makers with wifi will be supported. Schlage has already announced one coming soon.


Anything Matter will work. Which is the whole point!

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The first rule of home automation applies: “the model number matters.”

  1. Most major smart lock manufacturers have announced at least one model that will have matter capability, but some require a special radio module and others will be an all new model. There aren’t any that I’ve seen that are going to update existing models except for an announcement from level, and I’ll believe that when I see it.

  2. matter initially will be used with Wi-Fi or thread devices. Not Bluetooth.

Some other protocols, particularly Zigbee may be bridged to Wi-Fi. But you still have to check each model to see if it’s going to have matter support.

So, as far as what to get now, I think it’s too early to be thinking about matter for locks. A zigbee lock that works with SmartThings seems reasonable, although remember that since Wi-Fi can interfere with Zigbee, if you are boosting Wi-Fi around the door, typically to improve reception for video doorbells, that might be a problem for a Zigbee lock. So only buy from a place with a good returns policy in case it just doesn’t work at your house.

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I was looking for your input about new locks coming out, but im guessing it’s best to just wait.

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Hopefully, schlage comes out soon with their lock, but if not, it looks like yale for me. Thanks, guys.

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Yale assure seems like the safest bet right now since it uses modules for its smart home radios. The second version has Bluetooth and wifi out of the box I think, there’s a zwave module and an upcoming matter over thread module.

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and wouldn’t you know the yale assure lever lock is not getting matter support. :frowning:

Yeah, guess I should clarify it’s the Yale Assure deadbolts

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So has Schlage finally release smart lock with Matter-over-Thread yet? I’m hearing conflicting things over reviewers and have not found anything on their official website. I do see Encode Plus supports Matter, but can’t confirm if via WiFi only— which I do not want due to potential battery drainage issues.

Any smart lock using thread will tell you in the product description that it requires a thread border router.

  1. Yale has a matter over thread lock:
  1. nuki’s 4th generation:

The following have announced, but not yet released yet,

A) aqara, two models

B) ultraloq

Schlage originally said the encode would be upgraded for matter, but then backed off of that. Now they have said that they will eventually release a new model with Matter, but it’s not here yet.

And from Schlage support as of the date of this writing:

Thanks for update. I‘ve also seen that Verge article on Schlage but it’s pretty old now (since 2022), and hearing contradictory info from others forums. I rather sit tight with Schlage if need be vs using other products. Already have two functional Schlage Z-Wave, but looking at upgrades to utilize Matter-over-Thread + HomeKey with my iphone/watch.

My goal: Matter-over-Thread, Apple HomeKey, + retain SmartThings automations.