Yale Conexsis L1 - Confirm Functionality

I am seriously looking at these as they are quite cheap now. I would like to know a bit more on them.

Unlike the Keyfree that disables the handle, am I right that this actually turns the lock? if the multipoint is not enabled the lock will not turn and the door is in passage way mode effectively?

Also when leaving the house you have to manually unlock the door using the knob then open it?

As to ST integration can it open the lock? Also can it tell its not been locked? if you leave the house and do not push up for the MP locking it could alert when the house is armed that its been left open or a good night routine warn the front door is unlocked?

Any info would be great as its a bit vague from the manuals and videos.


Hiya, first of all I can’t agree more with you that the manual, the videos and the official support are all vague and rather unclear so it has been left for the users to figure out what they can and can’t do.

Yes you will have to turn the handle up before it can be locked - sadly something to do with the nature of multipoint locks so I don’t think Yale can change it easily. With the lock itself if you leave the house you do have to manually unlock using the knob, which is not a difficult thing to do. When integrated with ST, my understanding is that you’ll then be able to unlock it without having to touch the knob. For example you should be able connect it to other events via ST or IFTTT so that it auto unlocks when you need it be.

In short, with the MP engaged, you can lock AND unlock it. with the MP unengaged…not much you could do I’m afraid.

I don’t have the Z-wave module so I can’t tell you whether it will report back the “unlocking” status to ST. In a different thread in here someone has suggested using a cleverly mounted door sensor for this purpose. I’m going to try…

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Here’s how they work:

Once installed, from the inside you unlock the door by pushing in the knob on the inside handle and rotating it. This makes it pretty good as a child-proof lock for little kids and probably pretty hard for a burglar to unlock from outside your house.

From the outside, you unlock by either using the “virtual key” on your phone which you pair with the lock when first setting it up (to be honest I’ve found this is rather rubbish and I have only used it once). You present your phone to the lock, wait until a notification on your phone says “Your virtual key is ready to use” then physically rotate your phone. At which point the door light turns green, the motor whurrs and the lock unlocks.

You also get an NFC card and fob in the package, which are much more useful, I’ve bought a bunch of these to stick on the car keyrings and a few sticky NFC mini cards to put on our family phones/wallets etc.

These work by first pressing your finger on the wake up button on the lock, then touching the card or fob on the sensor. The light turns green and a little tune plays to let you know it’s unlocked. You then have 30 seconds to open to door or it re-locks itself.

I also have the z-wave module installed, so it’s integrated with ST, I can manually (or create a rule in WebCoRE to automatically) unlock the door from anywhere my phone has a 3G or Wifi signal by pressing the unlock buttons.

To lock the door, you simply pull the handle up.

The one weakness is that you cannot remotely lock the door, so for instance if you unlock it, go out and have forgotten to pull the handle up, the lock will be unlocked and cannot be changed.

I’ve also got ST set up so I get a warning if any door is open (using a HIve door sensor) or unlocked when everyone leaves the house (and when Good Night is run), so if we do forget, we can go back and sort it out.

Let me know if you have any more questions?

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Glad its not just me on reading the manual! thanks

so if left unlocked you can access the house with no key. Unlike the KeyFree version where the handle would not work if armed making it impossible to get in the house even when the multipoint is not engaged.

How comes you have to wake the lock on the RFID tags but not on the zwave?

I get ST will not lock the door as this should and can only be done by lifting the handle. If it unlocks will it only do it for 30secs?or can it be for longer?

I have never had to wake the lock by pressing the button. I just waved my fob it unlocks. There is no physical button to press anyway so I suspect when it sensors something it’ll wake up anyway, makes it possible for z-wave to wake it by sending a signal.

If it unlocks, and the door is not opened (ie MP still engaged), it will lock again after 30s. This can be changed. You can change it in the app by changing the setting of the lock, as far as I can see you can either change the time or completely disable it, although I’ve never tried changing this setting.

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If left unlocked, yes you can access the house with no key.
It doesn’t have the “outside handle goes limp” like the key-free lock.

You can change the timeout, but you need to install a third party device handler. I’m using the one from http://www.rboyapps.com/

EDIT: Another issue to bear in mind, the zwave module does tend to drain the batteries quite quickly when installed. There’s a few posts on here about how the batteries only last around 3 months with it in. I’ve noticed this, but again Rboy’s DH seems to have improved the battery life a bit since the most recent Firmwares.

EDIT2: On the Keyfree, you can disable the “handle goes limp” option in ST by enabling PassageMode in rules


Yeah. You can’t get the key free anymore. Would have liked it for the main door.

Tempted with a keypad to control the door.

Rboy seems to do the good handlers! :+1:t3:

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