Multipoint Z-Wave Lock in the U.S


I have a multipoint lock on a significant number of exterior doors. I recently came across the Conexis L1 Smart Door Lock from Yale that is available in the UK. Did anyone find a way to purchase this in the U.S? Is it possible to intergrate it with the U.S hub? I believe the module is removable (feature in Yale locks) thus I can simply place a U.S Z-Wave module?

If you know of any other multipoint locks, let me know.

Picture of my lock:


This is the lock I was referring to:

And here are some more pics of my current door lock. It would be great if any expert can provide some insight on compatibility?

That Yale lock isn’t really a multiploint is it? I’ve had locks like yours before, and they require that you pull up to engage the top and bottom locking bolts and then to turn the knob for the dead bolt, right?

Yes, I have to pull up and turn the deadbolt to lock it but from my understanding the conexis will work for that scenario:

Actually this would be the correct lock: as this offers SmartThing’s support.

Interesting. It seems like that would work, but I’d double check with Yale. That’s a lot of effort to move that kind of locking mechanism with a small motor, and I’d be curious about battery life.

You still have to pull it up once you close the door (take a look at the video)

I am looking for this exact lock. Did anyone manage to find a US (or Canadian, ideally) supplier?

I’m running in the same issue for the new door so we’re planning for my house (multipoint required given the 7’ height of the door). Tempted to give the Yale keyless from the U.K. mentioned above as I also haven’t been able to find any other viable solutions.

Any suggestions from what others have tried?

Thanks for any feedback on this.

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I have been looking for zwave multipoint door locks as well. I currently have ecolink sensor door sensors that I placed next to my regular dead bolts and wire a small switch inside the dead bolts of my entry doors to know that they are locked, but my living room has 4 sets of Pella double doors that each have the multipoint locking system with a handle like yours and although Pella offers some zwave device with newer models it doesn’t seem to be available for after market purchase. I was planning on doing the same thing I did with the dead bolts with an ecolink sensor and wiring a small switch inside the door handle to just let me know that they are locked this would obviously not have lock/unlock functional it, but for me I would be happy just knowing that the doors were locked. The problem I am having is that the handles move pretty aggressivly compared to the deadbolt and looses contact with my switch. Has anyone had any success with switch es inside a door strike to know whether the bolt is thrown? I am thinking about this but don’t want to mess up my door?

K, just wondering if you made any progress on the multi-point Yale lock? I have the same style doors and would like to know if that Yale lock works in the US.


I’ve been looking into this for months now. All I’ve been able to find is the Yale Keyfree Connected Smart lock which they seemingly only sell in the UK. It’s similar to the one posted above but has a PIN pad and the reviews seem better from what I’ve seen.

I even went so far to ask Yale directly through their online chat but unfortunately all they would say is that they do not carry the product (upon which they promptly ended their conversation so that was the end of the conversation).

I have been able to get my hands on the product but, as I’m working on a new build, I have yet to get around to testing it. I do expect one issue however which is the Zwave frequency in the UK/Europe is different than here. I’ve considered either trying a zwave module for a different lock to see if it will fit and work but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Alternatively, I guess I could get a UK zwave dongle setup but expecting other issues to come out of that. I don’t currently use SmartThings but I’ve seen that it’s not designed for you to be able to operate two frequencies.

Hopefully will find some time to test this further. That’s about as far as I’ve gotten for now.

Keen to hear if others have had any success…

Doesn’t yale have interchangeable modules for ZigBee and Z-Wave? I wonder if you can remove them? If so, can you insert a US module??

Kamran - Did you ever figure out if you could get the Yale Conexis L1 to work in the US? I am an architect working on a project where we have Pella multipoint locks (same as you from the pictures) and out client wants keyless / internet controlled entry.

From the looks of it the roadblock is you can’t download the app to control the lock in the US?

I installed an electronic door strike (basically a secondary lock).

I know this is old but has anyone found a solution for doors like the Pella french with a multipoint setup? I can’t believe there’s no way to convert to a smartlock system. I don’t know how to search for this but are there any smart locks that are able to be installed on the exterior of the door? I don’t mean outside, but a setup where the deadbolt or locking mechanism would sit on top of the frame and door. Not pretty but I’d take it if I could control the locking of this door.

I’ve been thinking about this also. Anyone found a smart lock compatible with multi-point locks?

did you have any luck at all? I live in canada, and I have been unable find a replacement for the “pull up hard, then turn a physical key” to lock the 7" door w multi point locks that I also have.

Sorry, things got pretty hectic with my build and a new member to the family so I never got a chance to update on my progress. This might be a long-winded but hopefully some of you may find it helpful/informative.

I finally got around to this and was able to make get it all to work with the Yale Keyfree Connected Smart Lock w/ Z-wave. There were however a few tricks to it - mostly surrounding sourcing the lock itself and the physical installation on the door.

WRT to sourcing, I spoke to various distributions, door manufacturers and Yale in North America but had no success with a solution that was US Z-wave enabled. Ultimately I purchased a pair of these locks on a trip to the UK. As there doesn’t seem to be a US z-wave module available (the module is different to the other US z-wave modules for US Yale locks), I had to use the UK module and pair it with a UK frequency z-wave interface as it differs. I haven’t experienced any other unintended interference although I’m sure someone more knowledgeable might be able to point out the potential issues.

Next came the challenge of installation. First, you need to make sure that the multi-point mechanism is compatible with the digital lock. Check the manual for the ones that are compatible. Even though I was working directly with the door manufacturer, who also supplied the multi-point lock, installation of the digital lock itself proved to be a bit of a challenge as there are multiple styles of multi-point locks and again the US/North America and European standard also differ (even the additional locking/deadbolt mechanism). Long story short, I was mostly able to make this work by installing it myself incl. drilling in the additional holes. My main final problem now with the install is that the door supplier was unable to cut a hole that was as narrow as the door itself so there’s about 1/4" on one side of the cut that is visible. I’ve talked to some metal fabricators about getting a finishing plate made up or else might consider getting something 3D printed. Filling it might work but the difference in flex between any fill and the rest of the door during winter mean it’ll probably just crack over time.

The rest of it luckily was straightforward. I’m using Homeseer instead of SmartThings so I’m not sure how your experience might be with ST. Z-wave inclusion was successful without any issue.

Hope that helps. I believe the digital lock I purchased is now discontinued although I have seen some supply still floating around. I would like to think the Yale Conexis L1 British Standard Smart Door Lock should work similar (I preferred the PIN pad for the non-techies in the family).

Ultimately, it proved to be a quite the exercise and not cheap either but I’m happy to say that it work out for the most part for my use case. This solution is definitely not for the faint of heart. The electronic door strike mentioned above might be an easier solution in some cases but I wasn’t as confident about being able to get that to work myself (could be wrong).

Hey GoalSux,

When you said you had to pair it with a UK frequency z-wave interface, did you have something interfacing with the lock before pairing to Smartthings?

Or did it just pair to a North American Smartthings hub with no issue?