Yale Conexis Lock help

I have the Yale Conexis smart lock and want to use the SmartThings hub to auto unlock the door when I arrive home. The issue I have with the automation I have used is the door auto locks after 30 seconds if the door has not opened. However using the mobile presence the hub thinks I have got home before I get out of the car so the time I get to the front door the 30 second auto lock has kicked in and the door has relocked. Has anyone come up with a app to delay the unlocking after arrival?

What automation have you used to do this? If it’s a rule in CoRE or something similar is it not possible to change it?

The 30 second relock is hard coded in the lock itself. I contacted Yale and they have said this can’t be changed. I’m thinking I need some sort of code that once I’m near the property it unlocks waits 31 seconds then unlocks again. (To give me time to get from the car to the house)

I think that may be incorrect. As per the Yale specs provided to us by the Yale product team, the Conexis lock supports a configurable Auto Re-Lock time between 7 and 60 seconds. The default is 30.

If you have access to RBoy Apps you can download this device handler which allows you to configure the timeout in the device settings page (click on the Gear icon).

If you want a relock time greater than 60 seconds then I would recommend using a SmartApp like CoRE and write a custom rule or you can use one of our apps which that that feature built in. The two apps which would allow you to do this are (the only difference between the two apps is that one allows you to program users and the other only reports the usage all other features/actions are identical):

I’ve been having the same issue with my lock - 30 seconds just isn’t enough! If you download the latest version of the official Yale Conexis L1 app, you can actually change the default auto-lock time…

  • Tap the ‘lock’ symbol in the bottom left corner
  • Go to ‘settings’
  • Change the ‘re-lock’ times from the following options: Off, 10s, 30s, 60s, 90s, 120s or 180s.

You have to be stood next to the door and sync with it for this to work. Let me know how you get on!

Have you a screenshot or something of where I can find this? Cant find this setting anywhere in my app. (Using Android btw).

they seemed to have removed this menu, i recently got a new lock in the black friday sales and the app has changed and they have removed the settings options from the locks now, this is annoying as my door keeps autolocking now in 30sec which is a pain as my other locks are set to 3minutes so now its broke my automations ive contacted yale to see what they say as the app goes from bad to worse now

I also just got 2 Conexis L1 locks and the latest app definitely lets me set them up to 180 seconds.
I initially had the exact same issue described above, the 180 seconds option mainly fixed it but as an extra I have both SmartThings and Homekit (linked to SmartThings via homebridge) set to unlock on arrival home - ST triggers about 1 minute from home whereas Homekit generally does it as I’m on the drive or sometimes even just after I get inside (hence keeping ST doing it as well is handy else I’d be stood outside waiting for Homekit to do it!).

Make sure you read first to see what it’s currently set to before you send your new settings back to it.

latest from Google play both my locks and on 2 different phones no lock settings

I have the same issue and cannot find “Lock Settings”. I am using latest app v2.0.6 from google app store and I am from the UK. I would like to change the re-lock timeout setting…

Any ideas or have Yale removed this advanced setting in the later version apps that I am using?


download v1.4.22 from there i used that to set my auto relock things the one on playstore is shite now they removed that feature

Thanks Gareth, I have downloaded the app, and need to also run key recovery before it will allow me to access the lock settings. I will give this a go…

Old post I know, but ran into the same hard coded default settings. As suggested I tried an older version. 1.5.6 and I can now change the re auto lock feature. Perfect I’m happy now. First world issues hey.

What version were you using from your screen shots?

Hi, iv just installed 1.5.6 and when i click synchronise with lock it just says operation failed, how did you manage to do it, thanks.Edit, mine from std auto relocks in 4s

Can you unlock the door via the version 1.5.6?

no doesnt apear to be able to lock the door, cheers.

Can you re add the lock via 1.5.6, you may have to remove it from 1.5.6 and then re add

Sorted it, it said it was connected, and was showing battery ect, but when i dug deeper it said add a lock, did that and all now works, now its set to 180 seconds can i update the app to the latest or will it go back to 30 seconds, cheers.