Yale Conexis l1

Anyone have experience with this lock in the U.S? Would I be able to use a U.S Z-Wave/ZigBee Module?


What lock do you have it installed as in ST, remember any pairing won’t be with an official Yale device handler so readings won’t be right.

Unless your batteries actually die don’t worry about the reading, ST tells my Ring Doorbells are lower than the official Ring app, so I don’t take pay attention to ST battery level.

Hey simeontuitt not sure if you saw my Tweet but could you answer my question. On the post above, thanks! It seems that you are the only one I could find that is familiar with this lock

Thanks Simon, I’m using Rboy’s device handler and it seems to work pretty well, apart from the battery issue (which incidentally doesn’t seem to be an issue for my Yale Keyfree).


Just installed a couple of yale conexis, same problem getting them pair with smartthings, tried the above but any tips would be greatly appreciated

@Gadgeteer What device handler/smart app did you use to discover the yale conexis please ? also at what interval did you press R Button ? when I try this the second press is a 3 beep coninous one. did you see the same thing ?

Hi @S1monneedham, I am trying the same , I failed several attempts to register with Smartthings., Did you make any progress from last couple of hours ?

Hey guys,

Has anyone worked out a fool proof step by step guide on this as i am also having troubles following what others have said?




Although you could probably get a conexis l1 shipped to the USA, you wouldn’t be able to get the app since it’s limited to the UK to download.

The USA ST Hub wouldn’t discover a close match either, I had a USA ST Hub and it showed Yale locks with non being close to the conexis with a handle.

Would a U.S Z-Wave radio module work? Also how can I confirm if it works with my door.


The USA Z WAVE module looks different to the UK one from pictures I’ve seen, I was considering getting one for my USA HUB, but noticed that, so I’ll just be buying a second UK Hub as I installed a third conexis recently on my brothers house and want to give it unlock ability from anywhere.


Thanks for the info, here are some pics of my door: Multipoint Z-Wave Lock in the U.S

Do you know if it will work on my door? I am trying to find a seller that will ship to the U.S but want to confirm it will as I won’t be able to return it if it doesn’t

Does anyone know about accuracy in communication between Conexis l1 and Smartthings? It appears not all keyfob/manual locks/unlocks are being transmitted/recorded by Smartthings. Anyone else found this?

Manual unlocks with key tags, key fobs, z wave and bluetooth won’t be recorded by the conexis l1 app.

SmartThings will depend on which smart lock handler you are using. I have my smart lock set to tell me when one of my locks unlocks or relocks and it’s spot on every time.


Just installed a Yale Conexis last weekend - waiting for my Z-wave module to arrive in the post so have been trialing the Bluetooth mobile key via the Yale app.

This morning coming back from walking the dogs I got a nasty error in the app and couldn’t get in the door. Luckily the family was still home so I was able to get in but after a call into Yale support(who were very helpful and friendly) apparently they pushed some update last night or this morning to their web service and this apparently broke some people’s ability to open their doors with the app. Fixed now without anything needed from my side.

Did have me thinking that when I do integrate with my Smartthings setup I’m going to have to make sure I still do the hide-a-tag thing to make sure I don’t get locked out again.

Also one other surprise with the lock was that sending a mobile virtual key to someone else via the app costs money - about £2.99 per key after the first couple. Then once you ‘revoke’ the guest key you don’t get that credit back. Not a feature that I felt was particularly well communicated in the marketing.

Once you’ve got a module in your lock that is the best back up key you can really have, because if your tags ever disappear from the lock or app and you don’t have a module in, then you’re really locked out.

First thing any Conexis L1 user should do is fit a module for alternative access.


I have added two Conexis to my house. The first was easy, the second one took lots of attempts to pair, as it kept failing at the security step.
Possibly moving the ST hub very close and doing a Z Wave repair before trying to add it again helped.

I can happily control them from ST apps, but the only remaining problem is notifications.
Notifications of lock/unlock via ST works OK; Bluetooth via the Yale app, only appears on the Yale app; unlock via the tags gives no notifications anywhere.

So do you get unlock notifications in ST if you unlock with RFID tags / Bluetooth?
I have a sensor on the door, so I know when it opens, but getting the unlock notification would also be good.

Hello did you ever manage to get your Lock integrated with smarthings?

hello just wondering what steps did you take to get the lock integrated with smarthings. I bought my lock about month back and today received a module early this week. But I simply cannot get it linked to smarthings

Hi how did you get it to work ? I am struggling to even get smarthtings to find it? been trying this for over a month