Yale assure lock issues

Hi I’m new to Smart Things but not the Yale Assure lock. I’m my last home I had an Assure and a MiCasaVerde which managed it perfectly.
However, the Assure in my new home, connected to Smart Things, is not behaving. When locked, if I send an unlock code it will unlock, emit the error beep sequence, attempt to lock itself(but doesn’t) and then emits the error beep again. At this point, ST reports the lock is locked. It isn’t.

This was the first device I added, nothing else.

Any advice?

Edit: Tried to force delete it to start over, says it can’t because it’s working fine. Argh

Turns out the hole for the deadbolt wasn’t deep enough. Fixed.

Please delete.

I was going to suggest check the deadbolt hole for obstructions but it looks like you figured it out. If you’re using the Enhanced Z-Wave device handler it will actually report it to you as a Jammed or Unknown event when the deadbolt is being obstructed for most Yale locks.

Thanks for the tip!