Control Yale Assure with SmartThings Sensor

(David Jacobsen) #1

I have a SmartThings sensor on my door, an I want my Yale Assure lock to auto-lock when my door is closed. Anyone know how to do this?


Which model do you have: Bluetooth, Z wave, or Zigbee? Does your lock currently show up in your list of things in the SmartThings mobile app?

(David Jacobsen) #3

I have Bluetooth/Z Wave (although I can’t get the Bluetooth to work with the Yale app). The lock shows up in the SmartThings app, and I can lock/unlock the door with it.


If it’s an open/close sensor, it’s easy. Just create a routine to lock the door when that particular sensor closes.

(David Jacobsen) #5

Works now. I hadn’t set up any routines yet. S’pose I should read the instructions.

Thanks a lot


No problem. SmartThings is very powerful and versatile, and there are almost always three or four different ways to do something. But it is not intuitive.