Yagusmart 1 Gang turning off after 2 mins

Hi all, new here.

Installed my first Zigbee light switch yesterday. Thought all had gone to plan but seems that the Yagusmart 1 gang I bought turns off after 2 mins (from turning on at all and at switch itself).

Any one point me to the right device handler for this or help me out at all. I have used the Zigbee Switch device handler as that was what came recommended.

Not overly techy but I got this far! Any help from the community would be appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

This is a known issue and Has to do with a line in the DTH that that device will choose which references an Orvibo (different brand) check-in that happens every two minutes. Since this device doesn’t do that, it ends up shutting itself off. So it’s not an issue with the switch, it’s an issue with the code that smartthings is using to communicate with the switch.

Detailed discussion and potential solutions in the following thread:

Think I have sorted,

I created a DH which is modified from the multi one, and it seems to work great at the moment.

If interested


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You are a lifesaver! I’ve used your DH and it’s working perfectly on my 1-gang Yagusmart as well, many thanks!

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Great glad I could help mate!


Does this work with the 2 gang Yagumsmart or does anyone have a DH that does ?

Standard DH turned off both gangs after two minutes. Used this one and one of the two gangs is created in ST but not the second (child) but the primary does stay on and doesn’t turn off after 2 mins.


I don’t have a 2 gang to test with but I can take a look if you want?