Yagusmart Light switch with ST hub turns off after 2 mins


Got the switch connected to ST by changing the type to zigbee switch.

Works in terms of on/off but turns off after 2 mins.

It even turns off when toggled from the switch itself.

Yagusmart siad I need there hub and app.

Any ideas?

The standard multi switch DH needs a slight modifcation to make them work properly.

Towards the bottom of the DH there is a section that is for Orvibo devices and disabling a 2min heartbeat (sound familiar?). You need to change the manufacturer ID from “Orvibo” to the one for your switch (in my case it is “_TZ3000_fvh3pjaz”).

Once modified then just publish for you and apply and it should fix the problem - or at least it did for me!

My issue was with a 2 gang switch. Interestingly I also bought a 3 way which I had to use a different DH for else I would only get 2 switches, that one just worked.

Hi there,
I have the same issue. I have a Yagusmart 3 gang zigbee switch. I used the the "zemi zigmee switch (Touch) to recognise the 3 gangs. It works fine but turns off after 2 minutes. I used the same DH for another 3 gang switch which is working fine. The only difference is that the other switch is touch switch, but this one is click switch (press to turn on and press again to turn off).
I cannot see the 2 mins heart beat and Orvibo in the DH. Could you please tell me which DH did you use? and how did you get it work?

This is the switch I have

This is the switch which is working fine with same DH

Many thanks

I have exactly the same switch. For the 3 gang I used the DH called 3A Zigbee Switch. It works perfectly with no 2 min issue.

I only use this one for the 3 gang, for the 2 gang and 1 gang switches I have I had to do the Orvibo mod to get them to work as well.

Thanks. Could you link the DH you used for 3 gang?

This one?

Please link the DH you used. I am facing the same problem.

Did you get this working without the auto turn off. I’ve been through a few DHs even massively modifying one, removing pretty much all the code but im still getting the lights turn off after two minutes.

I can’t remember where I originally found it and was struggling to figure out how to share it, I have created a github page and added it there, which hopefully will work…

Let me know if it works ok to download it. The 3a DH is for the 3 gang yagusmart switch.

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I have also added the single and double gang DH’s that I use with the 2min disable modification.

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Fine to download.

The installing it seems to have had no effect. I’m wondering if there is something running on the device thats left over from another installation of a device handler.

Im using the 1 gang switch. It has a child device, im wondering if thats where the issue is. What DH do you have on your child device?

Edit: The switch https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B08FM3FG38/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1

I put the single gang DH in the GitHub too. I use it with no problem but it doesn’t create a child. Have you deleted the switch and started from scratch again? Mine detects as a Thing and then apply the single switch DH and it should work ok.