2 gang zigbee no neutral uk wall switch max 24mm depth

I’ve had this
Yagusmart zigbee no neutral
For 18 months, but within the last week it has started to go offline. When it goes offline even the touch butttons on the switch won’t turn lights on or off. I need to disconnnect the lighting circuit by removing the fuse and waiting 5 mins.
This isn’t much fun.
Either I need to resolve the issue if it’s network or something or replace it with a different unit.

Trouble is I’m struggling to find a replacement that will fit in the switch back box. The yagusmart is 24mm deep and it just about fits. Most other competitors are too deep.
Can anyone suggest and alternative no neutral zigbee option or suggest how to stop it going offline. I’m inclined to think the unit may be faulty since when it goes offline the switches also don’t respond…
Thoughts or suggestions gratefully received

Update, I decided to try bringing the entire network offline by turning off hub for 30 mins, it’s made no difference to the switch, I thought it make have forced the zigbee mesh to rebuild which I hoped would resolve the issue, but it hasn’t.

First, I have no specific knowledge about the Yagusmart switch, but, logic suggests that if the buttons on the switch do not operate the switch then the problem is with the switch rather than SmartThings or the zigbee mesh.
Just my 2p/c


@jaidank , I get your logic.
If I power down the switch by removing the fuse the lights seem to work fine for a few hours after power is restored , then they go offline and unresponsive. During those few hour the buttons on the switch do work.

The physical buttons should work with or without a connection to SmartThings, so it sounds like you have a bad switch.

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While I suspect that the switch has gone bad (even given the power down/power up behaviour) have you recently changed the bulbs that the switch controls?
The no-neutral switches (not zigbee) I used to own did require that bulbs were dimmable (they derived power by very briefly switching the circuit on, when off, and off, when on).

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No the bulbs have been in place a couple of years. So that’s not it.

Yeah it does. Odd that it works for a few hours though including the buttons. Then when it goes offline the buttons lock up too.