XML or JSON data as a Temperature sensor?

Hi guys, any idea how to connect data from xml or json web source as a temperature sensor?

I have sensor in swimming pool and output is here:
json - https://tmep.cz/vystup-json.php?id=2546&export_key=zj7qdby4fm
xml - https://tmep.cz/vystup-XML.php?id=2546&export_key=zj7qdby4fm

but I don’t known how to view it as a device in ST.


Hi, @Jirka_CL

You can integrate your device at the SmartThings ecosystem and make its status visible at the app using the SmartThings Schema Connector (near the bottom of this documentation, you’ll find a code snippet that you can use and update accordingly to your temperature sensor).

Also, here are some implementation examples that you can check to get more familiarized with the Schema Connector Integrations:

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