Need help with using Aqara Temprature device in SmartThings

Hi Guys!
I am new to this, so sorry if this question is dumb, but how do I use the Aqara Temperatur device through my Samsung SmartThings hub?

I’ve managed to add the bspranger device handler for “Xiaomi Aqara Temperature Humidity Sensor” and add the device in SmartThings. But it doesn’t show any information when I check it.

So unless I am mistaken I understand that I must add a smartapp called mi_connector. Is that correct? How do I do that? I’ve seen the instructions at, but I don’t have any servers. Must I have a server?

Is there any other way to use these sensors from Aqara through my SmartThings hub?

Try pressing the button on the device to update the data. Or just wait.

You don’t need mi connector if you’re connecting them directly to your st hub

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Thanks, but I have managed to connect them and add them in the SmartThings app on my phone. But I cannot read any temperature, it just says Status Connected and then nothing more.

How can I read the temprature?

It sounds like you don’t have them assigned the dth. Check the devices in the IDE to see what DTH they are using.

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Does the above print show which DTH they are using?

Many thanks BTW!!

One thing I cannot figure out is, when I just log on to Smartthings IDE it says that I have the correct DTH but no devices, but then I click on a location and it shows the devices I have but I cannot add a DTH. It just looks like this:

It is possible you installed the device handler in the wrong place, and you certainly aren’t using it as your device type is ‘thing’.

Login to the IDE using and you will be redirected to the correct server for your account. If you don’t see the DTH there you’ll need to install it again (you may have installed it at

Then try pairing the device again.

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But how come I can’t the settings / Update from Repo / Commit Changes buttons when I go on locations and then My Device Handlers? I don’t know how to install it if I cannot go through github

Ah yes, one of the great ST mysteries. Why is there no button to install the GitHub support on the EU shard? I’ve never tried it as despite being in the UK I am on a US shard, but I believe the support is all there, just the button isn’t.
All the button does is go to /githubAuth/step1.

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Many thanks guys! Problem solved!

I am sure this is super basics stuff, but for other newbies like me:

  1. Not sure I understand in what sense, but my DTH was installed at the “wrong place”.

  2. The right place didn’t have the buttons mentioned above and used in the instruction video I checked at YT. But I could instead use create device handler and copy in the code directly.

  3. After I had installed the DTH at the right place I could edit my device and change type from “Thing” to “Xiaomi …”

This did not work.

  1. I had to reset the sensors and delete them from smart things, then put them again. Voila!

Hi, I tried to add the sensor as well.
I can find the sensor if I add device and choose Aqara Temperature and Humidity Sensor T1, it will be added as “Thing” and I can change to the device handler.
It seems to work, but I can only see the temperature under “history” the main page just shows “connected”, as shown on the picture.

If I try to add the device through “Scanning” it will not be detected or added.

Is there something I miss here?
I want the view that’s showing the battery and temp graph.

Now I actually find the device through the scanning… But it shows up as “Thing” and it doesn’t seem to use the device handler…

Edit: Got it to show up as Xiaomi temp sensor once. But it feels really random. I have 5 to pair and it feels like a mission.
Each device shows up like two devices when scanning. But I only do one at a time.

It shows up as a Thing most of the times. I managed to get two sensors to show up as Xiaomi… Totally random. A really time consuming process.

Any idea?

Thing is good enough - just change the driver in the device settings to the Xiaomi.

I got them to work after a lot of work.
I did try another Device Handler for Xiaomi and then changed back to the Xiaomi/Aqara one.
After that things started to work as expected.
The only thing right now is that the “widget” showing the humidity instead of the temperature.

Read another thread and they suggested to change the device handler to “SmartSense Temp/Humidity Sensor”, after that the temperature is shown instead of the humidity. BUT, I loose the battery status for all sensors but one.

Ok, so I got it to work.
First change to the Xiaomi/Aqara DH, then wait for the battery status to be updated.
Then switch to the SmartSense DH, and voila, temp, humidity AND battery status with the Temperature showing in the widget.