Sensor displaying external REST Service JSON

Hi Smartthings community,

I’m new to Smartthings development and starting small with what should be quite a simple task. I’m feeling quite overwhelmed with the choices though so would really appreciate some pointers!

I have an internet-accessible web service that provides JSON of weather near to my place, and I’d like to incorporate this as a sensor in my Smartthings hub. Essentially just the temperature and precipitation for now.

There’s no authentication required, just retrieve and parse the JSON below into a temperature and precipitation value of a sensor that I could use in some automations.

{"station":{"code":"GVE","name":"Genève / Cointrin","ch1903Y":498904,"ch1903X":122631,"lat":46.25,"lng":6.133333,"elevation":410},"code":"GVE","dateTime":"2019-10-21T09:40:00.000Z","temperature":"14.2","sunshine":"0","precipitation":"0.0","windDirection":"231","windSpeed":"1.8","qnhPressure":"1019.9","gustPeak":"5.4","humidity":"94","qfePressure":"971.1","qffPressure":"1019.4"}

What approach would you recommend? It seems the whole SmartApp / Custom Device Handler approach is quite involved just for this simple task, and maybe there’s a simpler solution through a virtual device sensor and WebCORE?

Thanks for any pointers :slight_smile:


Hello @kes1 ,

you might find interesting the on boarding of next sample: