Xiomi water sensor pairing issue

I just got my first Xiomi water sensor. Main issue I am facing is, when I press the pair button, light blinks for few seconds and it stops blinking. I am not sure if its normal or there is an issue with the sensor itself. I am not able to proceed with next steps of pairing with Smartthings hub due to this

I usually hold the button until it starts fast blinking, release and then single press every 5 seconds or so until it is paired.

Great. Let me give it a try once I reach home.

I was able to get it working with a lot of efforts and referring to below links.

Thanks Jimmy for your help

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I just received the Aqara (Xiamomi) Leak Sensor.

Couldn’t finf out how to pair, until I saw a video where the sensor was squeezed/pinched to pair it.

Press on top of the sensor and you feel it’s flexible. Press a few times and watch Smartthings to pair.

That does the trick when the Smartthings is in pairing mode.

The Device Handle is shown as “Xiaomi Aqara Leak Sensor”.

The modell nr of the sensor I have is SJCGQ11LM, with the 3V battery.

Device Handler: https://github.com/bspranger/Xiaomi/blob/776c4e036b60f1944d4937eded51a4972115b767/devicetypes/bspranger/xiaomi-aqara-leak-sensor.src/xiaomi-aqara-leak-sensor.groovy