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Xiaomi Yeelight RGBW E27

(Barend) #162

Hi everyone.

I’m quite new to smartthings and home automation. I also have some of these awesome Yeelight bulbs. I was pondering if one cannot have some sort of integration with smartthings and google home. I see that my automation routines can be imported to google home. Google home does support yeelight bulbs directly. Can I not integrate automation sequences with smartthings and google home. eg: use trigger from fibaro motion sensor in smartthings to run “routine” linked to google home which will in turn activate or dim or change hue on yeelight bulb controlled by google home ??

(thedesp) #163

Got it working now.

systemctl didn’t report service status accurately. The node server wan’t even running thus Smartapp couldn’t find the bridge previously.

I stop the service and run smartbulbserver.js from commandline and found that node modules version is mismatch.

Fixed by deleting the cloned node_modules directory and using instruction posted in

I can add individual bulb as Smartthings device now but the brightness level slider doesn’t seem to work for the RGB bulb (either 0% or 100% brightness), it works for the white bulb tho.

(Zen) #164

Can I ask someone using the latest node.js app and smartapp will that refresh the correct yeelight bulb status if the bulb has been controlled by Alexa, if not I will stick with my good old version as I have been rebuilding my pi due to sd card failure

(thedesp) #165

I’m using google assistant to control the light directly and no, Smartthings do not show the correct status if the light was controlled by google.

(Alan) #166

At the moment I am using IFTTT, motion sensors and virtual switches in Smartthings to control my Yeelights. I have the lights positioned in my stairwell and landing. It all works well apart from the lag in Xiaomi’s server. You can climb 6-7 steps before a light comes on and the other half is bending my ear to put conventional bulbs back in.
I have a windows based server running Blue Iris 24/7 at the moment and would love to be able to use this as my server for my Yeelights.
The main issue I have is I don’t know how to do this! I have installed smart apps and device handlers created by others but that’s pretty much a copy and paste exercise.
I have managed to install Node JS and NPM and test to see that it’s working but that’s about it.

I would be extremely grateful if a version of this project could be created for windows and that someone could create a walkthrough of the installation…

(Sanu) #167

Hi guys,

Just to confirm, you need to have this linked to a server to make it work?

That’s a bit tedious. I might just sell my yeelights if anyone wants them PM me.


(George) #168

Anyone got this working without the server? Seems weird that ST would not allow the DH to be published.

(Kostas Petropoulos) #169

Anyone of developers can understand if this topic from openhab forum can help? They have found way to add the lamp from xiaomi app and then working

(Alan) #170

I did get a RPi3 and have tried several times to install this but to no avail. This is the output after trying the fix detailed above where you remove the node-modules dir etc.

(Donnie Mc Culloch) #171

Could someone create a bit of a walkthrough for this, I’d love to get this working as IFTTT is almost hopeless. I have a pc thats always on but would happily buy a pi if its easier.
I’m not a complete idiot but a lot of the posts on this thread are beyond me, a bit of hand holding would be appreciated.
I have the yeelight ceiling light which is a great light but would like to use the aqara wall switches without a 10 second delay and this seems the way to go


i’m about to approach integration of my yeelights with ST. do you mind me asking why you did this? Is the on/off state missing from ST hub using davec’s github project?

(Zen) #173

Yes from my testing with older version of the node.js app, and seems there has been no change in newer version

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(Greg) #174

Just stumbled across this. Is there really no way of overriding the SSDP discover command


do you mainly use home assistant for status monitoring and automation? If so why did you bother syncing back state to ST? As I thought HASS had native Yeelight support?

(Zen) #176

I used smartthings mainly while the hass can use yeelight developer mode so presumably it could reflect the correct status the issue is seems it is still not perfect and ST can also send mqtt message back to hass so there were some conflicts between two so I did not enable it for a while, hass is also my broadlink bridge for ST to control my TV in additional to my harmony in another room

(Greg) #177

No idea whats going on.

Trying to use Node libraries to find my Yeelight, but it never finds them. The sample apps for Chrome and Windows both work fine though…

(Peke) #178

I am by no means a programmer but what i dont get that nobody is interested to get this too work in the smartthings community. The lights are very cheap and they work well.
The above method with node js server isnt working, ive tried all.

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(Rich) #179

Just wondering if Smartthings decision is based upon where the yeelight server is located or the company itself?

Yeelight now has a server in the US if that makes any difference.

(Freakapotamus) #180

I managed to get davidcreager node.js to work on my Linux server after a lot of messing around. To make things easier I did disable the other services I wasn’t using in properties.json. I only have YeeWifiLamp active.

I installed NPM to reinstall a bunch of node modules since they ones included in his github repo were not compatible with my version of node.

(Peke) #181

Can you pls post a full workaround pls, i am a total noob.