Xiaomi Yeelight Strip with Smartthings

Hi all,

Anyone successful integrate Xiaomi Yeelight strip with smartthings? if yes can help. Thanks!

I am using IFTTT with virtual switch.
Expect a 3-5 seconds delay and since yeelight doesn’t have triggers in ifttt there is no state feedback for yeelight.

Thanks slot… For u have detail instructions? Can u pls share. Thanks

Sorry for the late reply. I don’t have full details but you need to register in IFTT. For Yeelight you need register in singapure server. In smartthings you can use a virtual switch.

I quite new to both smartthings and if tt. I must first register the light strip to smartthings first right. Possible to point me to the device handler?

Yes same here. Does anyone have a device handler for the Xiaomi Yeelight or instructions on how to use IFTTT to get this to work? I don’t have a Xiaomi hub so ideally a solution that doesn’t need that would be great! :slight_smile: